June 09, 1999 --- Vol. 5, No. 30June 1999

Knowles elected IOGCC Chairman

Gov. Tony Knowles was elected chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission June 8.

Knowles succeeds Gov. Bill Graves of Kansas and will assume the post in 2000.

The IOGCC represents the governors of 37 states and promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and gas natural resources, while protecting health, safety and the environment.

The election was held at the midyear meeting of the commission in Jackson Hole, Wyo. The meeting has focused on continuing to urge federal and state action to combat low oil prices.

"I look forward to taking an active leadership role as chairman of the IOGCC, an organization that has focused on developing sound oil and gas policy since its creation in 1935," Knowles said in a statement.

Tony Garza, chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas, will become IOGCC second vice chairman. Lawrence E. Bengal, supervisor of the Illinois Division of Oil and Gas and current IOGCC second vice chairman, will move up to the vice chairman position.

The new officers will assume their duties at the December annual meeting in New Orleans. That meeting will focus on the interaction between the world's energy demands and the environment.

May North Slope production up 3.7 percent from April

May Alaska North Slope production was up an average 39,486 barrels a day from April, led by a 14,963 barrel-a-day average increase at Prudhoe Bay (up 2.5 percent from April) and a 10,838 barrel-a-day average increase at Endicott (up 29.3 percent from April).

Endicott field operator BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. has begun enhanced oil recovery at the field and has also upgraded the field’s two main gas compressor trains.

North Slope production averaged 1,118,669 barrels a day in May, up from an average of 1,079,183 barrels a day in April. Prudhoe Bay production averaged 604,127 barrels a day, up from 589,164 in April. Kuparuk River field production (including Tarn, Tabasco and West Sak) averaged 272,003 barrels a day in May, up 2.38 percent from 265,671 barrels a day in April. Milne Point production averaged 56,441 barrels a day, up 4.4 percent from 54,049 barrels a day in April. Endicott averaged 47,816 barrels a day in May, up 29.3 percent from an average of 36,978 barrels a day in April. Lisburne production center (production from Point McIntyre, Niakuk and Lisburne) averaged 138,282 barrels a day in May, up 3.72 from an average of 133,321 barrels a day in April.

Cook Inlet production averaged 30,171 barrels a day in May, down 0.8 percent from an average of 30,419 barrels a day in April.

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