August 01, 2000 --- Vol. 6, No. 32August 2000

Anadarko plans more west side Cook Inlet wells

Anadarko Petroleum Corp. is planning a fall 2000 drilling season on the west side of Cook Inlet, with work slated to run from September through November. The company has begun permitting for two wells on the west side of Cook Inlet, the 3 Lone Creek and a re-entry of the 1 Mobil Moquawkie well. Permitting for an additional well, the 2 Lone Creek, was begun in 1998.

The wells are on Tyonek Land, Cook Inlet Region Inc. subsurface, on the western side of Cook Inlet. Site access for the locations originates at the existing Tyonek Village Road system and uses the proposed access road to the 2 Lone Creek site. No more than 1,000 feet of new road to each location will be required.

In October 1998, Anadarko and partner ARCO Alaska Inc. announced a gas discovery at the 1 Lone Creek. The well flowed 10.6 million cubic feet of natural gas per day through a 33/64-inch choke with 925 psi flowing tubing pressure from 53 feet of perforations at approximately 2,400 feet.

"This represents one of the best shallow gas tests in the vicinity for a reservoir of this age and type," Anadarko said in 1998. The company also said several other possible gas zones, approximately 180 feet, were encountered during drilling but were not tested and that plans to develop the find "may include additional drilling and installation of facilities necessary to produce this and subsequent wells. The well is located within five miles of a 16-inch natural gas pipeline."

Anadarko said in its July permit applications that work would begin at the 2 Lone Creek, the most northerly location, then move to the 3 Lone Creek and then to a re-entry at the 1 Mobil Moquawkie, drilled in 1965.

July crude production down 1.5 percent from June

July Alaska North Slope crude oil production was down 1.52 percent from June production, averaging 934,212 barrels a day.

The Lisburne Production Center (Lisburne, Point McIntyre and Niakuk fields) had the steepest percent decline, down 2.15 percent. Lisburne averaged 97,209 barrels a day in July, down 2,135 barrels a day from an average of 99,344 barrels in June.

Prudhoe Bay was down 1.89 percent, averaging 523,402 barrels a day in July, down 10,096 barrels a day from an average of 533,498 barrels a day in June.

Kuparuk River (Kuparuk, Tarn, Tabasco) averaged 221,180 barrels a day in July, down 1.17 percent (2,609 barrels a day) from 223,789 barrels a day in June.

Milne Point was the only North Slope field to increase its production in July, averaging 53,215 barrels a day, up 1.39 percent (729 barrels a day) from a June average of 52,486 barrels a day.

Cook Inlet production held level at 28,640 barrels a day in June. Prudhoe Bay natural gas liquids production dropped 3 percent, averaging 43,735 barrels a day in July, down 1,355 barrels a day from a June average of 45,090 barrels a day.

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