April 09, 2001 --- Vol. 7, No. 40April 2001

Williams to expand fuel storage capacity at Anchorage

Williams Alaska Petroleum Inc. is permitting a project to build a double track rail loop and six new bulk fuel storage tanks to increase fuel throughput and future fuel storage at the company's Anchorage terminal.

The company has applied to the U.S. Corps of Engineers for a permit to place approximately 300,000 cubic yards of gravel, concrete rubble and riprap into 8.5 acres of intertidal mudflats in Knik Arm at the company's present terminal in the Port of Anchorage area north of the mouth of Ship Creek.

Each track of the double track rail loop would have a capacity of 60 rail tank cars. A rail spur would be built with a 10 to 20 car capacity.

The area inside the rail loop would be used for temporary equipment storage until six bulk fuel storage tanks with a containment berm could be built. The tank farm would ultimately contain four 100,000 barrel and two 40,000 barrel tanks for gasoline, diesel, gasoline blend stock, naphtha, jet fuel and low-sulfur fuel and would be surrounded by a containment berm.

Approximately one acre of the proposed fill area would be used by North Star Terminal and Stevedore Co. for material and equipment handling and storage, including module fabrication.

Preliminary finding out for Susitna Basin oil and gas exploration licenses

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas has issued the preliminary best interest finding for two proposed Susitna basin oil and gas exploration licenses.

The proposed licenses would cover approximately 948,480 acres in the western portion of the 1.5 million acre Susitna basin study area west of the Parks Highway between Willow and Petersville. Area 1, in the north, includes most of the Petersville Road and a portion of the Kahiltna River. Area 2, adjacent to Area 1 in the south, includes portions of both the Kahiltna and Yentna rivers. The area's southeast corner is crossed by the Susitna River.

The public comment period closes June 5. The division expects to have a final finding out in October.

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