November 05, 2002 --- Vol. 8, No. 115November 2002

Prudhoe Bay voting at North Slope Borough (SA-10) building

Residents of Prudhoe Bay precinct 36 vote in North Slope Borough (SA-10) building. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is the first general election held in the new district 40 precinct 36.

Absentee voting will also be available. Security badges are acceptable as photo id.

October ANS oil production up 11 percent from September

Alaska North Slope crude oil production averaged 991,762 barrels per day in October, up 11.3 percent from a September average of 890,956 bpd, and up 10.6 percent from an October 2001 average of 903,463 bpd.

Prudhoe Bay production (including Midnight Sun, Aurora, Polaris and Borealis) averaged 478,199 bpd in October, up 17.7 percent from a September average of 406,262 bpd and up 6 percent from an October 2001 average of 451,209 bpd.

In spite of a planned 48-hour shutdown at Northstar for pressure seal maintenance Oct. 29-30, the field averaged 59,995 bpd in October, up 32.1 percent from a September average of 45,419 bpd. Production began at Northstar in November 2001 and October's production is second only to June (60,980 bpd). Northstar facilities are rated at 72,000 bpd and the field has had single-day production of more than 78,000 barrels.

Alpine averaged 101,81 bpd in October, up 28 percent from a September average of 79,081 bpd, when planned maintenance Sept. 2-9 had production offline for several days.

Production at Milne Point averaged 55,616 bpd in October, up 4.7 percent for a September average of 53,116 bpd, and the Lisburne production center (includes Point McIntyre, Niakuk, West Beach and North Prudhoe Bay State) held even, averaging 65,452 bpd in October compared to 65,192 bpd in September.

Production at the Kuparuk River field (including West Sak, Tabasco, Tarn and Meltwater) averaged 207,233 bpd in October, down 2.9 percent from September's average of 213,468 bpd.

Endicott (including Sag River, Eider and Badami) October production averaged 24,086 bpd, down 15.2 percent from a September average of 28,418 bpd.

Cook Inlet production averaged 30,283 bpd in October, down 3 percent from a September average of 31,197 bpd. Prudhoe Bay natural gas liquids averaged 30,106 bpd in October, down 0.2 percent from a September average of 30,159 bpd.

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