December 03, 2002 --- Vol. 8, No. 126December 2002

DGC issues consistency determinations for several winter wells

ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. winter exploration wells at Titania and Puviaq have received final consistency determinations and a draft consistency determination has been issued for the companies Oberon and Placer wells.

The Dec. 3 decisions from the Division of Governmental Coordination signal completion of DGC's coordination of the state's review of the proposed projects for consistency with the Alaska Coastal Management Program.

The Titania project includes up to four reservoir penetrations (two wells and two sidetracks) on Kuukpik Corp. land east of the Colville River some five miles east-southeast of Nuiqsut. ConocoPhillips has said drilling would be in the winter seasons December 2002 through 2007.

As many as six wells would be drilled at the Oberon and Placer prospects, on state lands west of Kuparuk, also over winter seasons from December 2002 through 2007.

The Puviaq prospect is in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska west of Teshekpuk Lake and south of Smith Bay in the northwestern part of the northeast planning area. ConocoPhillips is proposing as many as four reservoir penetrations (up to two wells and two sidetracks) at each of two sites in the December 2002 to June 2004 timeframe, although DGC said it is likely that only the Puviaq No. 1 would be drilled this season.

November ANS production down 7 percent from October

Alaska North Slope crude oil production averaged 920,591 barrels per day in November, down 7.2 percent from October's average of 991,762 bpd due to shutdown of the trans-Alaska pipeline following the Nov. 3 magnitude 7.9 earthquake 92 miles south of Fairbanks on the Denali fault. The Department of Revenue said the line was not at full throughput until Nov. 8.

Endicott averaged 26,096 bpd in November, up 8.4 percent (2,010 bpd) from an October average of 24,086 bpd, the only field on the slope where production increased from October to November, due to low October production caused by two weeks of planned plant maintenance.

Lisburne saw the greatest percentage decline, averaging 59,177 bpd in November, down 9.6 percent from an average of 65,452 bpd in October, down an average of 6,275 bpd over the month. Prudhoe Bay had the largest per-barrel drop. With a November average of 442,631 bpd production was down an average of 35,578 bpd (7.4 percent) from an October average of 478,199 bpd.

Northstar production dropped 8.7 percent to 54,783 bpd, down from an October average of 59,995 bpd. Milne Point production, 50,896 bpd for November, was down 8.5 percent from an October average of 55,616 bpd.

Alpine averaged 93,019 bpd in November, down 8.1 percent from an October average of 101,181 bpd. Kuparuk averaged 193,999 bpd in October, down 6.4 percent from an October average of 207,233 bpd.

Cook Inlet averaged 28,534 bpd in November, down 5.8 percent from an October average of 30,283 bpd.

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