September 04, 2002 --- Vol. 8, No. 92September 2002

North Slope production up for August

Alaska North Slope production averaged 974,873 barrels per day in August, up 4.3 percent (40,394 bpd) from July, when the trans-Alaska pipeline was down at the end of the month for scheduled maintenance. ANS production was also low below 890,000 bpd Aug. 1-3 as production ramped up after the July maintenance.

Kuparuk River (including production from West Sak, Tabasco, Tarn and Meltwater) had the largest increase in production, averaging 212,552 bpd in August, up 7.72 percent from an average of 197,328 bpd in July. Alpine production (including Nanuq) averaged 100,853 bpd in August, up 6.05 percent from a July average of 95,096 bpd, and Northstar averaged 59,634 bpd in August, up 4.2 percent from a July average of 57,221 bpd. The Department of Revenue said Northstar had an output reduction Aug. 18.

Prudhoe Bay production (including Midnight Sun, Aurora, Polaris and Borealis) averaged 461,294 bpd in August, up 3.68 percent from a July average of 444,938 bpd. Endicott production (including Sag Delta, Eider and Badami) averaged 27,754 bpd in August, up 2.16 percent from a July average of 27,167.

Lisburne production (including Point McIntyre, Niakuk, West Beach and North Prudhoe Bay State) averaged 65,253 bpd in August, up 0.61 percent from a July average of 64,855 bpd.

Milne Point (including Schrader Bluff and Sag River) was the only North Slope field where production dropped, averaging 47,533 bpd in August, down 0.71 percent from a July average of 47,874 bpd.

Cook Inlet production averaged 30,722 bpd in August, down 4.44 percent from a July average of 32,151 bpd.

Prudhoe Bay owners finalize alignment of interests

BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. said Sept. 3 that all of the companies holding state oil and gas leases within the Prudhoe Bay unit on the North Slope have reached final agreement to align their respective working interests.

After the agreement is implemented through a cross-assignment process, each working interest owners will hold a uniform interest in every lease within the unit.

BP said the agreement completes the overall alignment of oil and gas lease ownership interests in the Prudhoe Bay Unit, which commenced with an agreement among BP, ExxonMobil and Phillips Alaska in April 2000. That agreement made BP the operator of the entire 250,000 acre unit, composed of about 111 state leases.

The area of common interest encompasses the entire Prudhoe Bay unit, and is expected to further optimize operations, reduce costs and streamline operating decisions, including development of satellite oil accumulations and enhanced oil recovery projects within the unit, for the benefit of the owners, the state of Alaska and its residents, BP said.

The approximate working interests for all areas and reservoirs in the Prudhoe Bay Unit are as follows: ExxonMobil 36.40 percent, Phillips 36.07 percent, BP 26.35 percent, ChevronTexaco 1.16 percent, Forest 0.02 percent.

The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas approved BP's application for change of unit operator at Prudhoe Bay in July 2000.

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