November 06, 2006 --- Vol. 12, No. 78November 2006

ConocoPhillips files for Makua winder exploration wells

ConocoPhillips Alaska has applied to the state for permits for up to three exploration wells on state land in the Colville River Delta northeast of the Alpine field and east of the northern portion of the Colville River unit.

The Makua wells are all proposed for locations in township 13 north, range 6 east, Umiat Meridian: Makua No. 1 in section 16; Makua No. 2 in section 20; and Makua No. 3 in section 28.

Exploration wells in this township and range include ARCO Alaska’s Kuukpik No. 3.

Conoco said one or more of the wells would be drilled during the winter drilling seasons between December 2006 and December 2011. The company also said that future wells may be drilled depending on the results of the first well drilled.

Mobilization for ice road and pad construction is slated to begin in January and the current plan is to drill the initial well in February or March, the company said.

The proposed ice road generally follows the previous Alpine sea ice route and would begin either from Kuparuk’s drill site 3H and/or Alpine’s CD-3; a total of approximately 35 miles of sea ice road would be required.

Conoco plans 3-D seismic program at Beluga

ConocoPhillips Alaska has applied for a geophysical exploration permit for a proposed 3-D seismic program at or near the Beluga River unit in Southcentral Alaska. ConocoPhillips is the operator at the Beluga River gas field. The company said it will use Veritas DGC for the program, which would be acquired Jan. 1-May 15, 2007, with acquisition not expected to begin until February or March.

The company said the program involves both onshore and offshore work.

The program objective is to evaluate the potential for new reserves and ConocoPhillips said the likely scenario would be in-fill drilling from existing pads at Beluga.

Conoco said the program is on oil and gas leases owned or co-owned by ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage Municipal Light and Power, Chevron, BP, Pelican Hill, P. Craig, W. Buck, L. Micallef, E. Donkel, D. Barr, R. Bolt, D. Donkel and G. Kasper.

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