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Palin names Steve Haagenson as Energy Coordinator

Gov. Sarah Palin appointed Steve Haagenson of Fairbanks today as the new Energy Coordinator for the State of Alaska.

Under the new Energy Coordinator position, Haagenson will also be the new director of the Alaska Energy Authority. Receiving unanimous approval from the Alaska Energy Authority board, Haagenson won the position from a field of about six candidates.

Haagenson comes to the position from the Golden Valley Electric Association, where he served as the president and CEO until he retired in November 2007. Altogether he spent 30 years with the electric utility.

Taking input from communities around the state, Haagenson said he plans to use the new position to create and implement a business plan for lowering the cost of energy in Alaska.

ďI donít think Iím looking for a subsidy here,Ē Haagenson said. ďIím looking for a business plan.Ē

That would follow on work Haagenson did in Fairbanks as the chairman of a special taskforce assigned with lowering the cost of energy in Fairbanks.

That taskforce is attempting to integrate several different alternative energy projects to the existing Fairbanks electrical system, including both renewable energy and different technologies for traditional fossil fuels.

Haagenson said he also hopes to institute broad conservation ideas, designed to lower energy costs on the household level.

Giving a rough timeline, he said he hopes to have an energy policy ready by the end of the year.

The state has budgeted around $200,000 for the position in the coming budget, largely to cover travel and supplies, according to Karen Rehfeld, director of the Office of Management Budget.

ExxonMobil picks Nabors 27E for Point Thomson

ExxonMobil has selected Nabors rig 27E for Point Thomson drilling and will begin modifications in early May after the rig comes off contract to Brooks Range Petroleum Corp.

In testimony before Alaska Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin and hearing officer Nan Thompson this morning, ExxonMobil said work on the drilling rig would go ahead if the 23rd plan of development for the Point Thomson Unit is approved.

The unit was terminated by Irwinís predecessor in late 2006; the hearing is the result of a remand to DNR from Superior Court to allow the unitís working interest owners to suggest an alternative to termination.

The 23rd plan of development being presented this week is that alternative.

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