October 18, 2010 --- Vol. 16, No. 91October 2010

Unocal gives up more White Hills leases

Union Oil Company of California further reduced its holdings in the White Hills area in September, according to reports from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

The company, an affiliate of Chevron, relinquished three leases totaling 16,890 acres in the oil and natural gas play in the central North Slope, south of the Kuparuk River unit.

Unocal also sold five leases totaling 28,694 acres in the White Hills area to 70 & 148 LLC, the North Slope subsidiary of Denver-based independent Armstrong Oil and Gas, which in recent months has built a large land position near White Hills.

Unocal retained four leases in the White Hills area. Those leases include one proposed well location, Unocal’s Diniotis 28-9-9 well, but no actual drill sites.

A copyrighted oil and gas lease map from Mapmakers Alaska ( was a research tool used in preparing this story.

Energia Cura gets nonbinding nominations in excess of natural gas required

Energia Cura’s nonbinding open season for a natural gas line from Alaska’s North Slope to the Interior wrapped up Oct. 15 with what the company called “nominations for natural gas volumes in excess of those required” to make a small-bore natural gas pipeline project feasible.

The open season was done on behalf of Fairbanks Pipeline Co. Alexander Gajdos and Thomas Chapman are principals of both companies.

The open season began Aug. 26 and was originally scheduled to close Oct. 1, but the nonbinding open season was extended to Oct. 15 “at the request of three load centers requiring additional time to submit nominations,” Energia Cura said.

The volumes totaled Oct. 15 are in excess of the 12 billion cubic feet per year (some 33 million cubic feet per day) required “to deliver natural gas to the Interior at less than half its current cost,” Energia Cura said.

The company said it is still in discussions with ANS gas producers to secure natural gas and natural gas liquids, as well as a compression agreement with the Prudhoe Bay central gas compression facility. An agreement with that facility might eliminate the need for compressor stations along its primary transmission system.

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