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November 03, 2006 --- Vol. 12, No. 77November 2006

North Slope production leveling out

October Alaska North Slope crude oil production averaged 737,141 barrels per day, continuing a rally from August, when half of Prudhoe was shut in due to transit line corrosion.

In spite of an Oct. 10 shut-at Prudhoe due to severe weather and an electricity outage, ANS production started to look more like normal following several months of reduced production caused by planned maintenance in July, the partial Prudhoe shutdown in August and a two-day September pipeline corrosion risk shutdown at Alpine.

October ANS production was up 10 percent from a September average of 669,051 bpd.

Prudhoe Bay production averaged 312,962 bpd in October, up 25 percent from a September average of 249,610 bpd, as field operator BP Exploration (Alaska) brought production back online after the August partial shutdown. Lisburne, which produces from the west side of the field, averaged 18,654 bpd in October, down 29 percent from a September average of 26,317.

Endicott had the largest September to October increase, averaging 36,413 bpd in October compared to 7,693 bpd in September (and 7,644 bpd in August) as the field came back to full production following plant overhaul and compressor repair which began in August. By the end of October Endicott was producing more than 50,000 bpd, including Endicott, Sag Delta, Eider, Badami and 32,000 bpd of Prudhoe Bay FS-2 oil.

Milne Point averaged 33,095 bpd in October, down 14.7 percent from a September average of 38,791 bpd.

The Kuparuk River field averaged 163,439 bpd in October, down 4.5 percent from a September average of 171,188 bpd.

Northstar averaged 50,883 bpd in October, down 4.3 percent from a September average of 53,178 bpd.

Alpine production averaged 121,695 bpd in October, down 0.5 percent from a September average of 122,274 bpd.

Note: see story in Nov. 12 issue of Petroleum News, available online Friday, Nov. 10 at noon.

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