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About Petroleum News Bakken

About Petroleum News Bakken

Petroleum News, a weekly newspaper based in Anchorage, Alaska, launched a sister publication in mid-April 2012 that covers the oil-rich Bakken resource play and its sister plays in North Dakota, Saskatchewan, Montana, lower Alberta and Manitoba.

Petroleum News, which covers Alaska and northwestern Canada, brings the insight of experienced journalists to Petroleum News Bakken - writers and editors who understand the industry and thus are able to put announcements and other information in context.

Our writers scout for news the old-fashioned way - digging through government agency files, covering legislative hearings, scrutinizing SEC filings and developing contacts within industry and government.

A bi-weekly newspaper, Petroleum News Bakken is published every other Sunday supplemented by a bi-weekly newsletter on off-weeks.

Similar to its sister publication in Alaska, the Bakken newspaper is written specifically for industry and government readers, plus financial analysts that cover companies with operations in the Bakken and nearby tight oil and source rock plays.

Petroleum News Bakken covers the oil companies working in the Bakken, including all the following topics and more: geology, government oversight and regulation, technical advances in drilling and completion, development and production, exploration, transportation and pipelines, social issues, finance, research, natural gas processing and marketing, refining and petrochemicals, and the geology of the Bakken, Sanish, Three Forks, Tyler, Rough Rider, Scallion, Elm Coulee, Nesson Anticline, Parshall, Saskatchewan and Exshaw resource plays. The newspaper also touches on other liquids plays in Canada and the United States, especially in the western part of the continent.

The newspaper will be available in both print and electronic formats.

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