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Vol. 14, No. 38 Week of September 20, 2009
Providing coverage of Alaska and northern Canada's oil and gas industry

Arctic Directory: Delta, a diverse group of passionate, forward thinking individuals who know Alaska’s challenges and opportunities

Get to know Delta; it’s a superb team of people who care about their families, employees, and clients

Don Meahan

Business development, Delta Leasing

Q. What do you most want people to know about your company?

A. That we are a company that has emerged to become a fast moving, problem solving leasing company throughout Alaska. We provide customized solutions tailored to the customer's needs and we get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Q. Where is your company located?

A. We have two locations. Our main office is in Anchorage, Alaska, and our North Slope operations are based from a field office in Deadhorse. These two locations allow us to stay close to our customers and to support their operations.

 Q. What year was the company founded. Who founded it, and what was its original name?

A. The company was founded in 2002 by Matt Thorpe, John McGrew, and Ed Gohr. The original name was the same as it is today, Delta Leasing LLC.


Q. Who heads up your company and who is on its senior management team?

A. Our company is run by a talented and diverse group of owners and employees. Partner Matt Thorpe, is the general manager; Partner Ed Gohr is the senior projects manager; Partner Rudi von Imhof oversees the funding and financial operations for the company; Todd Vincelette is the North Slope manager; Chris Maynard is the equipment and vehicle manager; and Don Meahan is responsible for the business development and marketing for the company.

 Q. Describe any partnership arrangements and when they became effective.

A. On a number of our past projects and most recently on the Liberty Island SDI Drill camp, we had a complementary teaming relationship with other disciplines such as fabrication, engineering and architecture, and installation. These teaming relationships allow us to be agile fast moving, and to respond to customers and project needs in an expeditious manner.

Q. What is the company’s primary business sector?

A. Our largest volume of work is done primarily with the oil industry on the North Slope of Alaska. Our services include providing modular living facilities, equipment rental, vehicle leasing, maintenance contracts, camp operations, and project management services.

 Q. Are there important projects the company is currently a part of or has done recently?

A. Yes, in the fall of 2008 we were awarded the Liberty SDI Drill Camp project for BP. This 160-bed camp is located on Endicott Island was completed in July 2009 on time on budget and with no lost-time accidents.

Q. How many employees does your company have?

A. We have 32 Employees, 20 employees in Anchorage, and the remaining employees work on the North Slope.

Q. Does your company have subsidiaries?

A. The owners of Delta Leasing also share ownership in Delta Development Group. DDG is a North Slope construction company that will celebrate its second year in business in January 2010. Visit its website at

Q. Describe the equipment your company might use and whether any new purchases are planned?

A. We are continuously purchasing new equipment and adding it to our inventory to meet our customers’ needs as they change. Cranes, front end loaders, service trucks, man lifts, heaters, light plants, generators, and pickup trucks are all part of our inventory and some of the more popular items that we lease on a regular basis.

Q. Is your company expanding any of its operations or locations?

A. Yes, we are expanding on a number of fronts. We recently added 18 single-status rooms to our Delta Express Camp in Prudhoe Bay, bringing the capacity of that camp to 80 people. We are also expanding the Delta Express Camp with a new dining room and kitchen. Delta Leasing currently has over 160 beds on the North Slope, and another 120 on the way.

Q. Is the company changing any of its services?

A. Over the last 2 years we have definitely broadened the services that we offer. In addition to traditional operating leases, finance leases, and equipment rentals, we are now very involved with modular living facilities and the design, installation, maintenance, and operation of these facilities.

Q. What is your company’s main strength or its edge over the competition?


A. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach; we tailor to each and every client and genuinely try to come up with the absolute best solution. Whether it is a piece of equipment, a vehicle, or a large sophisticated living facility we try to tailor the solution to fit the customer’s needs. Our after-the-sale service, flexibility, and willingness to accommodate have helped us become the company that we are today.

Q. What new markets, clients or projects did your company attract in the last year?

A. We completed a 15-bed camp and logistics office facility for Exxon; an office complex and company and directional man trailers in addition to a dorm complex for EnCana; and renovated the Arctic Fox Camp, and completed the 160-bed Liberty Island SDI Drill Camp for BP.

Q. Has the company invested in any new technology in the last two years?

A. Yes, due to our rapid growth in the last 2 years we have recently upgraded our accounting software, leasing software, and inventory software programs to allow us to be as efficient as possible and to best accommodate our customers. We feel that these upgrades are indeed improvements and have improved our back office operations.

Q. What is the most challenging job the company has undertaken?

A. The recently completed Liberty Island SDI Drill Camp living facility for BP would have to be the most intense project that the company has completed to date.

Q. What are the biggest obstacles to completing work the company undertakes?

A. The current economy has changed our direction on many projects, but most often the remote locations and unpredictable Alaska climate create the most obstacles.

Q. What do you see as your company’s biggest challenge in the next five years?

A. Dealing with the state of the economy and more importantly the softening price of oil and the reduction in the number of projects associated with the pipeline and oil industry.

Q. Does your company have an anniversary or other landmark event coming up?

A. In February 2010 we will celebrate 8 year in business.

Q. What is the average length of time employee’s work for the company?

A. Delta Leasing experienced 85 percent growth in staff over the last 24 months with very low turnover.

Q. What is your company’s safety record?

A. Safety is our number one priority, and to date, we have had zero lost-time accidents and absolutely no harm to the environment on any of our projects.

Q. Has your company received any awards or recognition?


Q. Has your company been involved in any community projects or charities events?

A. Our staff organized and collected household goods, clothing and food for the Eagle flood victims; partners and employees are working with AWAIC to take donations for clothing, baby supplies, medicine, and also volunteering to offer educational support; we also sponsor a variety of events throughout the year such as festivals, golf tournaments, hockey teams, and other community events.

Q. What is the most humorous story from your company’s years in business in Alaska?

A. Probably our 2009 company fishing trip. On our trip out we had 10-foot swells, and one-half of our staff became seasick before our first fish was ever caught.

Q. Does your company have a Web site?

A. Yes, we just recently launched a totally new Web site. Please check us out online at

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