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September 2013

Vol. 18, No. 35 Week of September 01, 2013

Bakken Explorers to publish twice a year

Petroleum News Bakken said Aug. 28 that the publishing schedule for The Bakken Explorers magazine will be changed from annual to semi-annual in 2014 and beyond.

“We’re changing the schedule because the first magazine was very well received — and because things change so quickly in the Bakken,” publisher and editor Kay Cashman said.

The first 2014 edition will be released in April and the second in September, Cashman said.

E&P companies must first operate wells in the Williston Basin’s Bakken petroleum system to be featured in the magazine, but they also have to qualify in one of the following three ways to show they are helping extend the Bakken’s recoverable reserves:

1. Exploring laterally by testing the fringes of the known Bakken petroleum system;

2. Exploring vertically by evaluating relatively unproduced zones within the system, such as the upper Bakken shale and the lower benches of the Three Forks; or

3. Developing and utilizing new exploration and production technology and techniques.

—Petroleum News Bakken

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