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Vol. 23, No.1 Week of October 07, 2018
Providing coverage of Alaska and northern Canada's oil and gas industry

Arctic Directory 2018: AES, the service provider of choice to the energy industry - Committed to Alaska

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Q. What is AES?

A. AES is a subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), the largest locally-owned and operated business in Alaska for more than two decades.

ASRC Energy Services (AES) is the team behind the scenes on the North Slope. We’re the ones sewing custom insulation to keep the pipes from freezing, making sure the valves are greased and inspected to ensure facility integrity, and keeping the roads graded and free of snow. We are also the ones building pipeline tie-ins to connect new pads like Greater Mooses Tooth Unit 1 (GMT 1) to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) and testing wells to understand production levels during exploration season. These are just a few of the things AES does within our service lines.

With more than 30 years of experience working in the world’s most challenging environments, AES has earned its reputation as the service provider of choice to the energy industry.

Q. How is AES organized?

A. AES has a comprehensive suite of solutions offered within our nine service lines. Lines of service include: Operations & Maintenance, Equipment Rental & Maintenance, Exploration & Production Technology, Regulatory & Technical Services, Construction, and Engineering. The majority of our service lines operate under the AES name; however, three business units maintain their unique brand: (1) Pumping Services and Production Testing operates under Little Red Services (LRS); (2) the Pipeline Construction and Maintenance division operates under Houston Contracting Company (HCC); and (3) our Tubular Inspection and Repair business operates under Arctic Pipe Inspection (API).

Operations & Maintenance (O&M): AES-O&M is Alaska’s largest operations and maintenance provider providing broad-based field services. These services include:

Equipment Rental & Maintenance (AEQ): AEQ provides comprehensive fleet provision, management, and maintenance services.

Exploration & Production Technology (EPT): AES-EPT provides provisional, ad hoc, and embedded staffing necessary to meet in-office and field needs.

Regulatory & Technical Services (RTS): AES-RTS provides environmental, regulatory, and planning services with public and private sector companies.

Construction: AES offers a span of general construction services, catering to the oil and gas industry.

Engineering: AES offers engineering services to large-scale and small conventional projects.

Little Red Services (LRS): Alaska’s premier hot oil company, providing pumping services and production testing.

Houston Contracting Company (HCC): HCC provides pipeline construction and maintenance.

Arctic Pipe Inspection (API): API provides tubular inspection and repair.

Q. Notable AES projects.

A. AES has grown to become Alaska’s largest oil field service provider and has worked major oil field developments on the North Slope. We have an experienced, hard-working team with unparalleled Alaskan energy knowledge.

Recent projects include well testing at Willow during the 2018 exploration season, pipeline construction of GMT1 and pipeline construction for Harvest Pipeline mega-project


GMT Unit 1

ASRC Energy Services’ Houston Contracting Company (HCC) is playing a big role in two key projects to expand oil and gas production in the State of Alaska. HCC is providing pipeline construction services to the GMT1 project. GMT1 is a satellite of the Alpine field connected by road to drill site CD5. Pipeline construction will be complete in August of 2018, with first oil planned for late 2018.

Harvest Alaska Cross-Inlet Expansion

Harvest Alaska is currently working on its Cross-Inlet Expansion project, a $75 million project that will allow producers to ship oil via pipeline across Cook Inlet. Harvest, Hilcorp Alaska’s midstream subsidiary, is expanding the Inlet’s pipeline network and ultimately piping oil from their west Inlet facilities to a refinery in Nikiski. The project includes constructing new subsea and onshore pipelines as well as repurposing a cross-Inlet gas pipeline into an oil line to feed the refinery at Nikiski.

AES-HCC is constructing the new 10” oil pipeline from Granite Point Tank Farm (GPTF) to Kaloa which is 3.3 miles. Construction includes trenching and burial of the new pipeline 4 feet below grade to/from above ground terminus flanges. HCC is also constructing the new 10” gas pipeline from the Tyonek Platform to BPL Junction which is 1.4 miles onshore and 5.5 miles offshore.

The Cross-Inlet Expansion project construction began in the fall of 2017 and should be completed this year.

Additional Projects

Alaska was our past and Alaska is our future. Our team constructed the Prudhoe Bay oil fields, and more than 30 years later we are here to continue supporting Alaska’s existing oil and gas fields as well as helping to develop newly-discovered resources. We have been involved in Alaska’s biggest projects over the years, including: Providing field work and reporting for the Alaska Pipeline Project (APP) and the Alaska Standalone Pipeline (ASAP) project; Performing area-wide water and sewer upgrades and repairs for the Arctic’s fresh and wastewater systems; Completing a three day turnaround to clean a pig on Pump 9; Well testing at Willow; and roads and pads construction and maintenance throughout the Slope.

Q. What is your company’s safety record and what is your safety policy?

A. Continuous improvement and operational discipline are paramount to continued success and industry-leading safety performance. Safety is everyone’s job and we have a culture of learning and sharing opportunities for improvement every day across our operations. Every AES employee partners with our customers, and together we are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment. Each day, we promote an incident-free culture and workplace, and we recognize the goal of continuous improvement requires constant diligence. We are proud of our employees and our clients for their support and adaptability in these demanding environments.

Q. What is the future of AES?

A. Alaska is our future. Our team members are Alaska grown and our service lines are adapting as our clients’ needs evolve.

The Alaska oil patch is cyclical; over the past few years, cost-cutting and increased efficiency were required to keep Alaska competitive relative to other markets. Our long-term focus aligns our goals with our customers’ goals. We partnered with our clients to help them optimize their operations and our employees are proud of the suggestions and work they were able to contribute to achieve that success. Because of the drastic reductions in the cost per barrel to produce oil in Alaska, the region has become competitive again at producing oil and gas fields.

As we actively support drilling and ongoing field maintenance and infrastructure, we continue to partner with our clients to innovate, further increase efficiency, and find new models for ongoing business to maintain a competitive edge. It is part of our culture. As we look to the future, we see development on the horizon and are ramping up to be an active participant in the expansion with our capabilities and experience in the engineering, fabrication and construction, and ongoing operation of Alaska’s oilfield infrastructure.

We have the team and services in place to be the service provider of choice to the energy, natural resources, infrastructure, industrial and power industries. AES is here to stay.

Q. What is the address of your company’s web site?


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