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Vol. 23, No.1 Week of October 07, 2018
Providing coverage of Alaska and northern Canada's oil and gas industry

Arctic Directory 2018: NANA WorleyParsons, a leader in engineering, design in Alaska for over 20 years

A culture of hard work, honesty, integrity, commitment and respect, sets company above the rest

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Q. What is the official name of your company?

A. NANA WorleyParsons, LLC

Q. Is your firm a subsidiary or affiliate of other companies? If so, please name those firms and their relationship to your company.

A. NANA WorleyParsons, an Alaska limited liability company, is jointly owned through a 50/50 partnership between the Alaska Native Corp., NANA Development Corp., and the global project delivery company, WorleyParsons.

Q. What do you most want people to know about your company?

A. Our core values: honesty and integrity shall govern our activities; commitments made will be fulfilled; all individuals will be treated with dignity and respect

These core values are the driving principles that our company operates under, for both our customers and our employees. Our knowledge and extensive experience with designing projects for the Arctic and cold weather conditions of Alaska is what drives us to deliver our work in a predictable, honest manner, while creating a transparent mutual trust with our employees and our customers.

Q. Where is your company located?

A. NANA WorleyParsons is an Alaska company with our main office located in the Centerpoint West building in midtown Anchorage. We also have employees in customer facilities on the North Slope and in our small satellite office in Gulf Port, Mississippi.

Q. What year was the company founded and by whom?

A. The roots of NANA WorleyParsons began in the late 1980’s with a company named TEST Alaska, a small engineering and design company. In 1995, NANA Development Corp. acquired this company and renamed it NANA Technical Services Inc. To expand NANA Technical Services’ project delivery capabilities, NANA formed a 50/50 partnership with Colt Engineering from Calgary, Canada. In November 1997 NANA/Colt Engineering was created. NANA/Colt Engineering operated for ten years until 2007 when WorleyParsons acquired Colt Engineering, thus becoming a 50 percent owner in NANA Colt Engineering. In 2009, the company was renamed NANA WorleyParsons.

Q. What is your company’s primary business activity?

A. NANA WorleyParsons is a project delivery company focuses on multi-discipline engineering and design, procurement and construction management services for the hydrocarbons, minerals and metals, and infrastructure and power industries. These include oil and gas facilities, pipelines, well pads, compression facilities and power plants. We deliver quality in all of our projects, from front-end feasibility studies to detailed design, construction support and on-going, scalable asset support services.

We also have a subsidiary, Kairos LLC that looks at innovative solutions for our industry and how we can provide value, efficiencies and cost savings to our Customers.

Q. Are there important projects the company is currently a part of or has done recently?

A. NANA WorleyParsons has been a part of many of the major projects that have occurred on the North Slope over the last 20 years. Most recently, we have been leading engineering and design work for drillsite facility projects as oil companies expand to the Western North Slope of Alaska. Every project for NANA WorleyParsons is as important to us as it is to our Customers. From our most recent engineering and design work for new drill site facilities to our fire and gas upgrades across the North Slope to supporting daily operations and maintenance work for our Customers, we are committed to delivering quality work economically and safely.

Q. How many employees does your company have?

A. Over the last few years, our company has fluctuated between 220-400 staff. Currently we are growing and have approximately 250 staff. Over half the staff are based in Anchorage, Alaska performing work on a variety of capital projects. The remainder of our staff provide operations and maintenance related services in our customer’s facilities on the North Slope.

Q. Is your company expanding any of its operations or changing any of its services or products?

A. Currently NANA WorleyParsons is in an exciting time of growth. We have recently formed a subsidiary called Kairos LLC and have patented our first innovative solution for the oil & gas industry called Mobile Arctic Production System - “MAPS”

MAPS is a lease-based, modular oil production system with gas handling capabilities designed for the Arctic environment. MAPS is an ideal solution for developing and producing otherwise non-commercial oil reserves, such as those with low production rates and short economic life. This system provides a cost effective means to develop the resource without requiring the high cost of pipelines. Transportation of the production fluids to a processing facility would be by truck or through an existing pipeline. MAPS is also an effective method of pre-production for larger oil field developments. As a lease-based system, the owners/operators have a significant reduction in initial capital investment.

Q. What is the most challenging work/contract the company has undertaken?

A. All work we do brings new, exciting challenges that drive our staff to be creative and innovative when looking for new solutions to engineering problems. This is apparent with the work we have been doing in the last few years during the State’s economic challenges. We have leveraged our knowledge, experience and lessons learned to bring cost efficiencies to our customers’ projects while not sacrificing safety and quality.

Q. What do you see as your company’s biggest challenge in the next five years?

A. An aging workforce. Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk, Cook Inlet and the other fields across the State have been in production for a very long time. Likewise many people have been working these fields since day one. The challenge is to retain the historical knowledge and pass this information down to the next generation of workers before all is lost.

Q. Does your company have an anniversary or other landmark event coming up?

A. We are currently celebrating 20 years in business this year.

Q. What is your company’s safety record? What steps does the company take to ensure a safe work environment?

A. NANA WorleyParsons has an excellent safety record. From our technically experienced and dedicated staff to our standardized systems; safety is fundamental to how we do business and we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, our customers and our subcontractor personnel. The pieces come together as one to provide quality project delivery to our customers. NANA WorleyParsons’ quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Q. What is the address of your company’s Web site?

A. For NANA WorleyParsons LLC visit

For Kairos LLC visit

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