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Vol. 14, No. 38 Week of September 20, 2009
Providing coverage of Alaska and northern Canada's oil and gas industry

Arctic Directory: Alaska Telecom Inc. provides communications solutions in some of the world’s harshest environments

Continually developing technological innovations for all projects is what ATI does best

Q. What do you most want people to know about your company?

A. Alaska Telecom Inc. is a technical services firm providing communications solutions to today’s public and private communications challenges. Founded in 1981, Alaska Telecom has developed communications systems for commercial and governmental clients worldwide. Alaska Telecom has operated in some of the world’s harshest environments, including the Arctic, Russia, Indonesia, and the Middle East. Alaska Telecom has deployed satellite communications for commercial and military users, stabilized antenna systems for maritime use, wireless systems, terrestrial microwave, VHF/UHF/HF radio systems, communications towers, telephone systems, communications shelters, and power generation plants. Alaska Telecom is also a full-line Motorola Dealer. When you need an immediate solution to your technical and logistical communications challenges, contact Alaska Telecom.

Q. Where is your company located?

A. 6623 Brayton Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507


 Q. What year was the company founded? Who founded it, and what was its original name?

A. It was founded in 1981 by Lloyd Morris; the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Calista Corporation in 2008.

 Q. Who heads up your company and who is on its senior management team?

A. Kevin Gray, president; Martin Stewart, chief operating Officer


Q. What is the company’s primary business sector?

A. Alaska Telecom, Inc. is a technical services firm providing communications solutions to today’s public and private

communications challenges. We have developed communications systems for commercial and governmental clients worldwide, and have operated in some of the world’s

harshest environments, including the Arctic, Russia, Indonesia, and the Middle East. We provide services to virtually all industries in Alaska, including oil and gas, mining, government, infrastructure providers and telecommunications carriers.


Q. Are there important projects the company is currently a part of or has done recently?

A. Alaska Telecom has been involved in a variety of projects over the years including the Olympics, stabilized VSAT platforms for offshore communications, Land Mobile Radio systems, dispatch consoles, and tower erection and site development.


 Q. Describe the equipment your company might use and whether any new purchases are planned?

A. At Alaska Telecom, we continually develop technological innovations, which allow the communications office desktop experience in remote regions around the world.

 Q. Is the company changing any of its services?


A. Yes, Alaska Telecom recently became an 8(a) Certified Small Disadvantaged Business, so we are pursuing additional governmental contracts.

Q. What is your company’s main strength or its edge over the competition?

A. Our strength is in our ability to listen to, and act upon client’s communications challenges. At Alaska Telecom, it isn’t just about engineering communications solutions for remote environments. It’s about taking the relationship of the elements of physical locations, challenging logistics, and extreme environmental conditions, and forging a solution that focuses on the client’s needs – no matter what or where that challenge might be.


Q. What new markets, clients or projects did your company attract in the last year?

A. Alaska Telecom has been successful in garnering additional markets in governmental, land mobile radio, and civil construction recently.


Q. Has the company invested in any new technology in the last two years?

A. We continually invest in advancing communications technologies so that we can offer our clients the finest technology at the most competitive pricing.

Q. What is the most challenging job the company has undertaken?

A. Probably one we did several years ago, where we designed, staged, tested and deployed multifaceted communications facilities for a two-vessel oil production facility in the South China Seas. The system included satellite, microwave radio, VHF/UHF radio systems, and shipboard electronics and communications. The satellite portion included a 3.7M stabilized platform antenna system utilizing Asiasat linking to an Amoco shore station in mainland China. This antenna was the largest ever installed on the manufacturer’s’ stabilization system and is still considered a large antenna in a stabilized installation.

Q. What are the biggest obstacles to completing work the company undertakes?

A. Typically our work takes us to some of the most remote regions in the world. We typically encounter logistical issues and environmental issues such as weather, extreme cold or heat, and the fact that the neighborhood hardware store isn’t just down the street.

Q. What do you see as your company’s biggest challenge in the next five years?

A. We believe that the biggest challenge for Alaska Telecom coincides with the State of Alaska’s biggest challenge – oil and gas taxation, exploration, and the development of a natural gas pipeline for Alaska and the Lower 48 markets.

Q. What do you see as future trends or opportunities for your company from events such as long-term weather fluctuations?

A. Long-term weather fluctuations have provided a potential opportunity in that some of the arctic regions are becoming ice-free in the summer months. This translates to increased activity and a demand for telecommunications in these regions.

Q. Does your company have an anniversary or other landmark event coming up?

A. Alaska Telecom has been in business since 1981, making this our 28th year in business.

Q. What is the average length of time employees work for the company?

A. Our average length of time for employees is currently over 11 years.

Q. What is your company’s safety record?

A. Alaska Telecom takes safety very seriously. We have an active safety program ensuring a safe work environment for our clients and our employees alike.

Q. Has your company been involved in any community projects or charities events?

A. Alaska Telecom and its principals are involved in a variety of community projects, charities and organizations, including the Anchorage Downtown Rotary Club, Alyeska Ski Club, Calista Scholarship Fund, and others.

Q. Does your company have a Web site?


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