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Deadline approaching for Fortune Hunt Alaska

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The best way to attract new operators to Alaska—and get advance exposure for your company—is to be part of our new annual magazine, Fortune Hunt Alaska, which is taking the place of Big Risk, Big Rewards and Dispelling the Alaska Fear Factor from May 2011 to May 2012.

Fact: Alaska has untapped oil, gas, and vast mineral potential.

Fact: We must attract new explorers and project investment to Alaska.

Fact: Your firm benefits from early exposure to new Alaska operators.

For the oil industry, Fortune Hunt Alaska will summarize the geology and petroleum potential of everything on and offshore that is north of the Brooks Range and in the Cook Inlet basin, identifying some of the untapped hot spots. The Oil & Gas sections will be 1) North Slope leftovers (onshore and near shore); 2) Federal Offshore; 3) Shale plays; 4) Cook inlet Basin.

For the mining industry, Fortune Hunt Alaska will provide geologic coverage of the state’s vast mineral potential and will investigate intriguing clues of diamonds and other rare elements. There will be five sections in the mining portion of the publication: 1) Strategic & precious mineral and gem potential; 2) Gold; 3)Silver; 4)Platinum Group Elements; 5) Diamonds and gems.

The full color, perfect-bound magazine’s circulation will target exploration and business development execs, geologists, geophysicists and landmen throughout the world, with special emphasis on companies already doing business in Canada and the Lower 48. It will be released at the Western Region – Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Pacific Section – American Association of Petroleum Geologists convention being held in Anchorage, Alaska, from May 7 – 11, 2011. It will be a chance for you to tout your experience in Alaska to potential new operators, which is I why I recommend you consider running a company profile (full page) versus a typical display ad. Tout your experience in Alaska!

Fortune Hunt Alaska will be distributed at several major mining and oil conferences in Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48. It will also be offered to state and federal resource agencies as a handout for conferences and for visitors to their offices.

Here is a link to Fortune Hunt Alaska’s rate card

Ad placements are due by March 25, 2011; camera-ready ad copy is due by April 1, 2011. RELEASE DATE: May 8, 2011

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