June 10, 1998 --- Vol. 4, No. 31June 1998

National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska EIS to print in July

The final plan/environmental impact statement for the northeast corner of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is scheduled to be ready in July.

The U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management said in a June newsletter that the final plan/EIS will go to the printer July 3 and be published July 31. A final record of decision document will be released in August.

More than 7,000 comments were received during the 90-day comment period for BLM’s draft integrated plan and EIS, which ended March 12. After accounting for identical comments, BLM said, 2,043 ‘unique’ written responses were received.

BLM’s preferred alternative is being developed by a team of specialists and managers after consideration of comments received. The preferred alternative, along with an analysis of its impacts, will be released to the public in the final plan/EIS and a summary.

BLM said the final plan/EIS will be posted on the NPR-A Internet home page sometime in July for those who want an advance look at BLM’s proposal.

Complete transcripts of testimony presented at all the hearings are now available on line at the BLM Internet home page at

Forcenergy assigns two-thirds of interest in Cook Inlet federal leases

Forcenergy Inc. has assigned two-thirds of its interest in the two leases it acquired in federal sale 149 in Cook Inlet in May 1997.

The two leases, acquired by 100 percent Forcenergy, are now owned 33.33 percent by Anadarko Petroleum Corp., 33.33 percent by ARCO Alaska Inc. and 33.34 percent by Forcenergy, according to a report issued June 5 by Hirsh Professional Land Service in Anchorage.

That same group owns two offshore state oil and gas leases adjacent to the federal leases. Those two leases were formerly owned by Stewart Petroleum Co., which had planned to explore the acreage from shore using extended reach drilling. The block of leases is at Cape Starichkof off the Kenai Peninsula north of Anchor Point. A fifth state oil and gas lease, adjacent to the others on the south, is owned by a group headed by Mobil. Two exploration wells were drilled on the most shore ward of the two leases by Pennzoil in the 1960s. The Mobil lease is held by a well certified capable of production by the state.

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