September 30, 1998 --- Vol. 4, No. 47September 1998

Renewal of trans-Alaska gas system conditional lease recommended

The Department of Natural Resources has issued a commissioner’s analysis and proposed decision for a 10-year renewal of Yukon Pacific Corp.’s conditional right-of-way lease for the trans-Alaska gas system.

The analysis is out for public comment through the end of October and the state pipeline coordinator’s office said a final decision on Yukon Pacific’s request for renewal is expected prior to the Dec. 11 expiration.

A provision of the conditional right-of-way lease provides for renewal as long as the lessee is in full compliance with provisions of the conditional lease and state and federal laws.

The commissioner’s analysis said that these recommendations “are not relevant to the request for renewal” but would be considered if, in the future, Yukon Pacific requests conversion of the of the conditional lease to a final lease.

First winter exploration well in hopper

BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. has the first of its winter exploration wells in the state hopper. The V-200 appraisal well will be drilled from an ice pad west of S pad and east of the Sakonowyak River in the Prudhoe Bay unit. BP said the ice pad has been selected for possible future development of a gravel production pad and has been situated to avoid high-value wetlands habitat.

The ice pad will be approximately 1.5 miles from S pad and will be reached by an ice road from the pad. The ice pad will be approximately 600 feet square and is sized to accommodate the rig, camp and ancillary equipment. Ice construction and location preparation are scheduled for Dec. 1; mobilization of the drilling rig to the ice pad for Jan. 1; spudding of the well for Jan. 15; completion and demobilization activities for mid-May.

BP said that a number of sidetrack wells may also be drilled from the same location.

Wiley replaces Wade as president of ARCO

Michael E. Wiley, formerly an ARCO executive vice president, has been named president of the company, replacing William E. Wade, who is retiring.

The change was part of a realignment of the company’s executive management team announced Sept. 30.

Mike Bowlin, ARCO chairman and chief executive officer said in a statement that: “The changes will help improve execution of the company’s core strategies, and focus our resources on areas and businesses where we have or can attain a market leadership position.”

Bowlin said that Wiley will also assume the newly created position of chief operating officer. He will report to Bowlin.

Donald R. Voelte, senior vice president, corporate planning, will become executive vice president, reporting to Wiley. Voelte will have responsibility for Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States, and Permian Basin. Both appointments are effective Oct.1.

J. Kenneth Thompson, executive vice president, continues in his role, reporting to Wiley. Thompson has responsibility for Alaska, the Asia Pacific, including China, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, as well as natural gas marketing. ARCO Products Company, led by Senior Vice President Roger E. Truitt; Exploration, led by Vice President Dodd W. DeCamp; and a newly formed Technology and Operations Services unit, will also report to Wiley.

Executive Vice President Anthony G. Fernandes will also retire from the company.

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