September 02, 2004 --- Vol. 10, No. 74September 2004

North Slope production down 12.5 percent for August

North Slope production averaged 722,559 barrels per day in August, down 12.5 percent from an average of 825,733 bpd in July, driven primarily by planned shutdowns for maintenance and construction.

Alpine was offline from July 19 through mid-August for a combination of maintenance and capacity expansion work, producing zero barrels through Aug. 16, 205 barrels on Aug. 17, and 37,925 barrels on Aug. 18 as production at the field ramped up. Alpine production hit 111,171 bpd Aug. 23, but only averaged 43,817 bpd for August, down 19.1 percent from a July average of 54,173 bpd.

There was a scheduled trans-Alaska pipeline shutdown for construction and maintenance Aug. 16-17, and the Alaska Department of Revenue said a 20 percent drop in production was expected from fields across the North Slope on those days.

In addition, there was a compressor failure at the Northstar field Aug. 5, with production affected for three days, and the field was down for five days during and after pipeline maintenance, reducing the fieldís average production to 49,600 bpd in August, down 29 percent from an average of 69,865 bpd in July.

Revenue said BP planned to extend the trans-Alaska pipeline throttle back at its Milne Point field for facility maintenance, and the field dropped below 50,000 bpd for three days at mid-month, averaging 50,765 bpd in August.

Endicott had a summer maintenance shutdown scheduled for Aug. 14-28, Revenue said, and was still shut down Aug. 31, reducing the fieldís average production to 9,067 bpd, down 57.8 percent from a July average of 21,502 bpd.

Prudhoe Bay averaged 350,955 bpd in August, down 11.7 percent from a July average of 397,464 bpd and the Lisburne field averaged 42,448 bpd in August, down 10.3 percent from a July average of 47,318 bpd.

The Kuparuk River field averaged 175,907 bpd in August, down 5.4 percent from a July average of 185,921 bpd.

Cook Inlet production from all fields averaged 23,550 bpd in August, down 0.6 percent from a July average of 23,694 bpd.

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