January 03, 2007 --- Vol. 13, No. 1January 2007

December North Slope production tops 800,000 bpd

Alaska North Slope production averaged 808,129 barrels per day in December, the first time since June it has broken the 800,000 bpd average.

Prudhoe Bay production levels for December are getting back to those before the field was partially shut down in August after leaks were found in transit lines on the eastern side of the field.

December ANS production was also bolstered by Alpine, which, with two satellites now online — the second Nanuq, in late November — averaged 134,867 bpd, a new record.

BP Exploration (Alaska)-operated Prudhoe Bay averaged 361,175 bpd. Lisburne, also operated by BP, averaged 20,031 bpd. Combining the two yields a greater Prudhoe average for December of 381,206 bpd.

However, Revenue’s figures for Endicott include Prudhoe crude because of bypass use of the Endicott pipeline until Prudhoe eastern operating area transit lines are replaced. Probably some 30,000 bpd of the 50,000 bpd showing for Endicott is from Prudhoe. Adding that in, the greater Prudhoe average becomes 411,206 bpd.

The combined December Prudhoe production is the highest since February, when the field averaged 439,614 bpd, with Lisburne at 39,231 bpd, and Prudhoe 400,383 bpd.

Revenue’s figures show the BP-operated Endicott field averaging 50,170 bpd in December, up 14.6 percent from a November average of 43,782 bpd, but the Endicott pipeline since mid-October has transported some 30,000 bpd of Prudhoe oil from Flow Station 2 through a bypass.

Production figures from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission are not yet available for December; November figures show about 15,000 bpd from Endicott (including Badami) in November, which could make the bypass amount higher than 30,000 bpd.

BP’s Milne Point field averaged 32,498 bpd in December, up 14.8 percent from a November average of 28,313 bpd. Milne Point production includes Schrader Bluff viscous oil production.

ConocoPhillips-operated Kuparuk averaged 164,025 bpd in December, up 13 percent from November. Kuparuk includes production from West Sak, Tabasco, Tarn, Meltwater and Palm.

BP-operated Northstar averaged 45,363 bpd in December, up 4.4 percent from a November average of 43,447 bpd.

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