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October 2019

Vol. 24, No.40 Week of October 06, 2019

Accumulate files lease plan of ops for Charlie 1 exploration well

Kristen Nelson

Petroleum News

Accumulate Energy Alaska, a local operating subsidiary of 88 Energy, has submitted a lease plan of operations for the Charlie No. 1 exploration well, which the company proposes to drill this winter some 29 miles west of the Franklin Bluffs pad on the North Slope.

The plan was submitted in early August; the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Oil and Gas is taking public comments on the proposal through Oct. 31.

The well is one of a number of prospects 88 Energy has at its Project Icewine, a block of leases straddling the Dalton Highway. The company drilled two wells, the Icewine No. 1, which has been plugged and abandoned, in 2015-16 and the Icewine No. 2, which is suspended, in 2017, from the Franklin Bluffs pad.

Charlie No. 1 is on state oil and gas lease ADL 393380, west of the existing Icewine wells. Thirty-four miles of ice roads will be constructed, and two 500 feet by 500 feet ice pads, one the drill pad and one the staging pad.

Accumulate Energy Alaska, AEA, said in its application that it plans to drill and test Charlie No. 1 as part of a multiyear program beginning in the winter of 2019-20. The tundra ice road to the project will start at Mile Post 386.7 of the Dalton Highway.

AEA said the primary objectives of the drilling include testing and evaluating the Seabee formation for oil. The company said this target has been found in surrounding exploration wells and is on production at the Meltwater oil pool in the Kuparuk River unit, some 20 miles to the north, the closest production and development.


Field studies, project planning and design and project permitting began this summer and will run through Dec. 1, with pre-packing of tundra winter roads and pad locations scheduled for mid-November through mid-December, followed by construction of the main tundra winter road, spurs and ice pads from mid-December to the end of the year. The drilling rig, camp and support operations will be mobilized beginning the first of the year, with drilling and testing of the Charlie No. 1 scheduled to begin in mid-January.

AEA said the Charlie No. 1 will be drilled to a depth of about 11,000 feet true vertical depth to test stacked objectives within the Seabee formation.

The company said it will use the Nordic No. 3 rig or a similar mobile land drilling rig.

The well may be tested and hydraulically stimulated/flow tested, AEA said, and may include laterals, sidetracks or additional penetrations from the same exploration pad. Wireline logging and related seismic surveys may be done.

The company said the original proposed drilling pad location was inspected in mid-August 2017; a new proposed pad location slightly farther west was to be re-inspected in September. The 500 by 500 foot ice drilling pad covers some 5.7 acres.

The second pad, a staging pad, will be a mile west of the Dalton Highway at mile post 386. Facilities for the operation will include a satellite office camp, storage and laydown areas, a communication tower and maintenance shops.

88 Energy Alaska is a subsidiary of Australia independent 88 Energy Ltd., a West Perth-based ASX and AIM listed firm. The company’s Alaska arm has three fully owned subsidiaries doing business in the state - Accumulate, Captivate Energy Alaska and Regenerate Energy Alaska.

Captivate drilled the Winx 1 exploration well in the 2018-19 winter drilling season in a western block of leases on which Great Bear Petroleum was operator of record. The primary target was the Nanushuk, with Torok a secondary objective. 88 Energy reported low oil saturations in the Nanushuk “not conducive to successfully flowing the formation.” That well was plugged and abandoned.


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