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January 2018

Vol. 23, No. 1 Week of January 07, 2018

53rd plan of development for North Fork

No new wells planned; focus on optimizing production from existing wells, including additional compression, separation facilities

Kristen Nelson

Petroleum News

Glacier Oil and Gas, parent company of Cook Inlet Energy LLC, has submitted the 53rd plan of development for the North Fork gas field the company operates on the southern Kenai Peninsula.

If approved by the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas, the POD would cover March 31, 2018, through March 30, 2019.

Glacier’s 52nd POD, approved in February 2017, included a number of planned activities at North Fork. In addition to activities planned for the 52nd POD, the company said it intended to complete reprocessing of North Fork seismic data prior to the beginning of the 52nd POD plan year.

Development plans for the 52nd POD year included: conversion of a depleted well for water disposal; workover operations at the NFU No. 14-25 and No. 41-35 wells; seeking opportunities for “small ball” projects such as perforating additional zones and setting plugs to control water intrusion; and additional drilling depending on favorable economic conditions.

Glacier said it completed several “small ball” projects to enhance production, including setting downhole plugs to control water intrusion and locating and perforating zones for increased production in the NFS No. 14-25 and No. 41-35 wells. The company said it also completed an optimization project to improve gas well process flow and replaced well houses on the NFU No. 24-26 and 42-35 wells.

Glacier said that because it was able to control water intrusion it did not convert a well to water disposal, but will continue to monitor water volumes and may convert a well to water disposal in the future.

Current plan

In the 53rd POD Glacier said it plans to enhance production through infrastructure improvements including additional compression and separation facilities; continue monitoring and analyzing production from existing wells, optimizing production, including monitoring water volumes and if necessary converting a depleted well for water disposal; continue a development drilling program based on data review and market conditions “to fully delineate and develop all fault blocks within the current Unit.” The company said it will consider additional drilling pad locations as needed for full development and delineation of the reservoir, and will continue to evaluate drilling wells outside the current boundaries of the North Fork participating area.

Plan details

Details for the upcoming year include seeking opportunities for “small ball” projects to make production improvements, including perforating additional zones and setting plugs to control water as necessary. Glacier said additional drilling depends on favorable economic conditions, “including negotiation of long-term gas sales contracts” and said it has several candidates for additional drilling, including NFU No. 42-35A and NFU No. 22-26, with a fallback location to NFU No. 14-26.

As far as surface facilities go, Glacier said in the 52nd POD that longer term it was looking at expanding the existing drilling pad to accommodate new compression and dehydration equipment or possibly building a new drilling pad to better develop the reservoir.

In the 53rd plan under a surface facilities heading Glacier said its “plans do not include any additional permanent facilities at this time.”

There are eight wells at North Fork and in a current well status Glacier said three were shut-in, and described their situation as “suspended pending further analysis.” Five wells are listed as producing.

In the most recent month included in the POD, November 2017, North Fork produced 168,297 mcf of natural gas; from December 2016 through November the field produced 2,228,707 mcf.

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