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Vol. 22, No. 52 Week of December 24, 2017
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Waste Management National Services: Comprehensive services for business and complex projects

Industry leader is at the forefront of integrated environmental solutions in North America

Q. What is the official name of your company?

A. Waste Management National Services

Q. Is your firm a subsidiary or affiliate of other companies? If so, please name those firms and their relationship to your company.

A. WM National Services is a subsidiary of Waste Management, the leading provider of recycling and comprehensive waste management services in North America. WM provides collection, transfer, recycling and resource recovery, and disposal services to help communities, businesses and industry achieve their sustainability goals. WM is also a renewable energy generator, managing the largest landfill-gas-to-energy network in North America.

Q. What do you most want people to know about your company?

A. WM National Services is a one-stop environmental services company, providing customized solutions to meet our clients’ business objectives. Our highly trained and certified personnel are uniquely qualified to handle any special or hazardous waste project. In addition to owning 244 active landfills, WM National Services has a wide variety of shipping containers along with strategic relationships with marine, trucking and railroads to ensure smooth logistics and transport. We have successfully completed numerous projects in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the South Pacific.

Q. Where is your company located?

A. Waste Management is headquartered in Houston, TX.

WM National Services has offices throughout North America, with local offices in Anchorage, AK, and Kirkland, WA.

Q. What year was the company founded?

A. Waste Management was founded in 1968.

Waste Management National Services was established in 2001.

Q. What is your company’s primary business activity?

A. Waste Management National Services primarily manages site clean-up projects, in-plant services, waste tracking, all state and federal documentation, packaging, transportation and disposal of hazardous, non-hazardous and universal waste. Our team also provides environmental consulting and project management support.

Q. How many employees does your company have?

A. Waste Management has close to 43,000 employees.

Q. Is your company expanding any of its operations or locations?

A. WM National Services is routinely focused on expanding operations and services throughout Alaska.

Q. What is your company’s main strength or its edge over the competition?

A. WM National Services provides customers three key advantages location, expertise, and indemnification backed by superior financial strength:

Location – Waste Management owns and operates a hazardous waste facility, Chemical Waste Management, and a Subtitle D landfill, Columbia Ridge Landfill, in north central Oregon. Both facilities provide for easy access from across the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the South Pacific;

Expertise – Our personnel are highly trained and uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of a special or hazardous waste project;

Indemnification – WM offers an exceptionally strong indemnity program, backed by our financial strength and our unique ability to assume total responsibility for conforming waste. WM has the largest and most stable revenue asset base in the environmental services industry. A comparison of WM’s balance sheet against others in the industry shows WM assets are owned, rather than leased. This allows us to offer our customers significant indemnification backed by the value of WM assets. Our sustained position as a leader in this industry and our continued ability to provide this indemnification is largely a result of our serious approach to risk management. Our desire to protect the WM asset base and ensure the prolonged value of our indemnification pervades all aspects of our business.

Q. What new markets, clients or projects did your company attract in the last year?

A. In 2016, Waste Management National Services began work in the Alaska mining sector, providing in-plant waste management services.

Q. What is the most challenging work/contract the company has undertaken?

A. Waste Management National Services has an exceptional record of success in the management and execution of complex waste movement projects. For Royal Dutch Shell Alaska, WM National Services provided comprehensive, full-service waste management services for a large, logistically challenging off-shore drilling project. Waste Management National Services managed all waste streams, including hazardous, non-hazardous, universal and liquid waste from two operational drilling rigs and over 30 support vessels from several locations throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest

Q. What is your company’s safety record? What steps does the company take to ensure a safe work environment?

A. At Waste Management National Services, safety is a core value, the cornerstone of our operational excellence. Our goal is to attain world-class safety and be the safest company in our industry. The employees of WM National Services are responsible for maintaining a zero tolerance for unsafe actions and conditions. Operating with safety as a core value at all levels, we provide services that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. These certifications demonstrate that our processes deliver safe and enhanced environmental management to meet client’s statutory and regulatory requirements.

Q. Has your company been involved in any community projects or charity events?

A. Waste Management has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. As one example, since 2010 when Waste Management became title sponsor of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the company has helped raise more than $45 million for charity. In 2016 alone, this event resulted in charitable donations totaling $9.3 million. The golf tournament is also known as the greenest show on grass because of Waste Management’s innovative approach to recycling, compost and reuse efforts.

Q. Do you have a website?


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