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Vol. 15, No. 16 Week of April 18, 2010
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SOMETIMES READING WHAT OUR READERS SAY … Sometimes reading what Greening of Oil readers have to say about GoO’s articles at is as interesting as the articles they comment on. We’ve had some well-informed, thoughtful observations over the past few months, some of which I have shared with you. But this week I am going to treat you to the humorous, emotional or simply unusual from our readers.

OIL SANDS YIELDS FRUSTRATION & ADVICE FOR ALASKA OPERATORS … Two upbeat comments on “Oil sands: Hunting for the Holy Grail,” posted March 31 in the Tracking Fossil Fuels section, raised one reader’s blood pressure. Troy from San Francisco wrote: “These guys (Alberta oil sands producers) need to clean up their act even more. Didn’t you see what (Gary) Park wrote in this story!? THIS MEANS THE COMPANIES ARE NOT MAKING THE INVESTMENTS THEY NEED TO BE MAKING. (In the article) Tom Harding, a chemical and petroleum engineering professor at the University of Calgary … (was quoted as saying) there are “some very exciting and promising new technologies that would help us a great deal in reducing our carbon footprint and the water issues.” He said these efforts have the potential to reduce fuel and water consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions, but noted there is a “Gobi Desert” gap between research and commercialization. Hey, fellow readers, the Gobi Desert is a big place!”

Another reader, Ray, offered advice for Alaska operators: “I hope some of the North Slope producers are reading this, they should be using some of this tech to produce the heavy cold oil from the North Slopes West Sac formation, since it holds more oil than all other fields in production today on Alaska’s North Slope.”

WHAT ABOUT A GREEN PREMIUM FOR CLEANER PRODUCTION? … Reader Bob posted this comment following “Environmental case for expanded offshore drilling”: “I agree there is a huge environmental case for using our ‘greener’ oil. Do you think we will ever get a ‘green’ premium for our clean and safe production, similar to the ‘organic’ premium certain foods command?”

I THINK THIS WAS A COMPLIMENT … Also following the offshore drilling story was a post from Deuce that appears to compliment Eric Smith, the California professor interviewed for the article: “Hey you all need to quit throwing facts in the way of good old fashioned alarmism. If people realize that oil and nuclear energy have significantly more upsides, even environmentally, than anything else out there, then I’m going to have to go out and get a real job. …”

BEAUTY COMES FIRST … A reader of the April 6 article “Unlikely companions: wind turbine in oil field” said the article was “interesting,” but the wind turbine looked “ugly.” Does anyone make turbines that look like “old-fashioned windmills?” reader angelicious asked.

Hey, I agree with her. Not in my backyard. So, does anyone make a good looking windmill, say Dutch-style? E-mail me. Pictures please.

“HILLARY CLINTON SPREADS ARCTIC CHILL” … This article, posted April 13 under “What others are saying” is from Petroleum News. Its subhead reads, “Rebukes Canada for leaving 3 countries off summit invitation when ‘we need all hands on deck’” What did Canadians readers have to say about Clinton’s smack-down?

• Seventhson: “Clinton should mind America’s business. STAY OUT OF CANADA!!”

• Brian was a little less direct: “Sorry Hillary, but I’d like to apologize on behalf of all Canadians. The sad truth is that with the recent warm winter, we simply didn’t have enough snow to build an igloo large enough to house a meeting with that number of delegates. As it was we nearly ran out of caribou meat, even with the reduced attendance.”

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