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This is the second edition
Dispelling the Alaska Fear Factor is a comprehensive guide to Alaska's oil and gas basins and business environment. The purpose of the guide is to give E&P companies interested in the state's oil and gas potential the basic information they need to make investment decisions.

The guide's 16 chapters include everything from the geology and prospectivity of Alaska's basins to permitting oil and gas projects. The fear factors underlying the belief that you can find lots of oil and gas in Alaska, but can't make as much money producing it as you can elsewhere in the world, spawned the guide's title, Dispelling the Alaska Fear Factor. Chapter 2 explores the realities of that belief which partly comes from the high cost of operating in Alaska, and partly from misinformation. Individuals coming to Alaska to work for oil companies and service firms can find pertinent information about Alaska's oil patch, including what it's like to live in the state (chapter 16).

Click here to order your print edition of Fear Factor ($99 + FREE shipping & handling for limited time only). If you would like to preview the first chapter of the guide, you can download it here.

If you have problems opening or downloading the file, please update to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Available here)

    Guide Facts
  • Printed in hard copy and CD
  • Released every two to three years; first online, then in print and on CD
  • Purpose is to provide information for oil and gas companies looking to invest in Alaska as operators or as partners
  • Guide will be 8 & 1/2 by 11” with spiral binding
  • Printed in full color, will include maps, well data, outcrops, etc.
  • The guide is distributed by Petroleum News, and bulk purchasers, which include oil companies and state and federal government offices

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