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About Petroleum News

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Petroleum News is a weekly print and online oil and gas newspaper that covers all of Alaska. The publication is the only standalone oil and gas publication in the state.

Petroleum News has several special publications that are published throughout the year, including: a semi-annual Arctic Oil & Gas Directory magazine; an annual magazine called The Explorers; and a second annual magazine called The Producers. All of these magazines feature companies that operate in Alaska.

Petroleum News also offers a news bulletin service that sends breaking news items by email immediately after they happen..

In addition to Alaska, Petroleum News provides coverage of oil and gas events from elsewhere in North America that impact the industry in Alaska.

Petroleum News focuses on upstream news, but it also offers the most extensive coverage available of the proposed northern natural gas pipelines from the Mackenzie Delta and the North Slope.

Petroleum News' editorial objective is to provide readers with solid, trustworthy and timely information about the oil and gas industry. The news bulletin service and Petroleum News are frequently the first publications to break significant stories from Alaska.

Our news staff does not rely strictly on press releases for information. Rather, we keep abreast of permit filings, lease reports and interactions with government agencies that often prove to be the forerunner of major happenings.

Our philosophy also serves the best interest of our advertisers: if people are reading the newspaper, they are seeing the ads. We offer annually contracted advertisers in Petroleum News a free listing in our semi-annual Arctic Oil & Gas Directory as well as many other benefits, but we have no editorial calendar because we believe news, not dated information, draws readers.

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