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What others are saying about Petroleum News, formerly Petroleum News Alaska.

"Our Procurement department reads the Petroleum News because it provides us a broad perspective on 'what's going on' in our industry. The articles are very thorough and interesting, and with new eCommerce tools surfacing so quickly, the News is a good source to stay abreast of new developments in supply chain management."

- Mike Cortez, former Manager-Procurement, BP Alaska

"I never miss reading Petroleum News. It is an excellent source of Industry news for me."

- Fred Dyson, Alaska state senator

"I compliment PN frequently and recommend it to others. I appreciate your integrity, in-depth coverage and on-going coverage of projects important to the Joint Pipeline Office. If you want 'one stop reading' for oil and gas news, Petroleum News is your choice."

- Rhea DoBosh, Information Officer, Joint Pipeline Office

"I read Petroleum News to stay current on major clients activities. It helps me stay focused and set direction for the future. My Houston office often sends me articles from the Petroleum News to assure I am staying current. A recent, welcome addition for me has been the 'News Bulletin' notifications. I am and continue to be a supporter of Petroleum News."

- John Eldred, Alaska Manager, Michael Baker Jr, Inc.

"The Alaska/Canada focus of Petroleum News allows me to stay current on the oil/gas and natural resource issues that are of concern to my clients, who are the deepwater players in the Gulf of Mexico, that also have interests in Alaska and the Mackenzie River Delta. You are doing an exemplary job of consolidating useful information."

- Greg Navarre, President, Ocean and Arctic Resources

"As the sales and marketing representative for North Star Terminal & Stevedore Co., I have the responsibility to keep my fingers on the pulse of the oil and gas market. Petroleum News Alaska is an excellent source of information to do just that. Additionally, PNA represents a great medium for advertising the heavy equipment, pipe handling and marine logistics capabilities of North Star Terminal & Stevedore Co."

- Steve Post, North Star Terminal & Stevedore Co.

"We here at Carlile read Petroleum News as soon as it arrives.It keeps us informed of all that is going on in the industry here and in Canada. Nice to have all of the rumors followed up in print and get Factual information. Keep up the good work. "

- Harry McDonald, President, Carlile/K&W

"As Project Manager for the State of Alaska's Industrial Roads Program, I find that Petroleum News is a critical source of timely information on oil, gas and mining in Alaska. The publication's new emphasis on the high latitudes across North America will give me additional access to research and information that can be applied to transportation projects in Alaska. The daily bulletins are often the first notice of important news that affects our transportation planning efforts."

- Mike McKinnon, Project Manager, AK Dept. of Transportation


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