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  • Point Thomson online - 05/01/2016 (Full story) ExxonMobil said April 22 that it has begun production at Point Thomson. In addition to being the first ExxonMobil-operated field on Alaska's North Slope, Point Thomson is also the most easterly production on the Slope. Production from that field is a long-awaited culmination of a process which began....

  • A major CD5 expansion - 05/01/2016 (Full story) ConocoPhillips is going to expand its CD5 development in the northeast corner of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska from 15 wells to 33 wells, Nick Olds, ConocoPhillips vice president of North Slope operations and development, announced during a Resource Development Council meeting on April 21. O....

  • Cleaning up Canada - 05/01/2016 (Full story) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made one of his now frequent jaunts to New York in late April to participate in a United Nations' signing of the global climate agreement — all part of his eagerness to present Canada as a “champion of clean energy.” At the same time, the scope of his challeng....

  • Furie is preparing for drilling - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Furie Operating Alaska's jack-up drilling rig, the Randolf Yost, is still in Kachemak Bay, being fitted out for this summer's drilling season. The rig should move out around May 5 for stationing at Furie's Julius R. offshore gas production platform on May 6, Bruce Webb, Furie senior vice president,....

  • Rules proposes changes to HB 247 - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Cook Inlet oil and gas tax credits would be phased out and North Slope credits phased out and partially replaced with expenditure carry forward under a committee substitute for House Bill 247 rolled out April 26 by the House Rules Committee. Work began on revisions to a House Finance Committee CS a....

  • RCA OKs Beluga field purchase - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has approved the purchase by electricity utilities Municipal Light & Power and Chugach Electric Association of ConocoPhillips' one-third share of the Beluga River gas field on the west side of Cook Inlet. ML&P, a utility owned by the Municipality of Anchorage, is....

  • Alberta, BC mull hydro, pipeline tradeoff - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Desperate times require desperate measures, an axiom that now seems to resonate with the British Columbia and Alberta governments. British Columbia is embarking on construction of a huge hydroelectric dam just as the government's hopes of distributing most of the project's 1,100 megawatts of output....

  • Guttenberg: Tax system still unstable - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) House Rep. David Guttenberg says lawmakers have failed to get oil taxes right in previous attempts and it's hurting the state's bottom line. The man who once worked on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System says the state needs a more transparent and easily understood tax system. He's not confident any ef....

  • Hilcorp worried about legacy fields - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska LLC is still in a holding pattern at the northern west side of Cook Inlet, where it operates four units: Ivan River, Lewis River, Pretty Creek and Stump Lake. The company has no drilling or rig workover operation planned at the units this year and is warning the state that legacy fiel....

  • Questions over beluga whale disturbance - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) The Marine Mammal Commission, a federal government agency charged with independent oversight of the operation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, has sent a letter to the National Marine Fisheries Service suggesting a tightening of proposals for the issue of incidental harassment authorizations in....

  • Power outage hits Prudhoe Bay - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) The Prudhoe Bay oil field had a power outage which reduced production on April 24. BP said in an April 25 statement that crews were in the process of restarting production. There were no injuries or damage to the environment from the incident. “We are working diligently and expect to bring all of....

  • First Nations feud over LNG - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Battle lines are hardening within British Columbia's First Nations over the future of LNG, nowhere more clearly than in the Lax Kw'alaams First Nation which presents the most formidable barrier to the C$36 billion Pacific NorthWest LNG. The feuding is starting to wear thin on British Columbia Premie....

  • Eastern coastal area tundra travel ends - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) The eastern coastal area has been closed to tundra travel, effective April 26. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Mining, Land and Water said April 26 that there had been high winds and below average seasonal snow fall in the eastern coastal tundra opening area, making it no lon....

  • Communities picked for energy efficiency - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, has announced a list of 13 rural Alaska communities selected for technical assistance funding under the Department of Energy's Remote Alaska Communities Energy Efficiency competition, known as the RACEE competition. “Alaska's remote communities pay more for energ....

  • Hilcorp planning Milne Point pad expansion - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska LLC wants to increase the size of a drilling pad at the Milne Point unit to accommodate infrastructure for a grind and inject facility at the North Slope oil field. The expansion would add 5.3 acres to the Milne Point B Pad to allow for “additional offloading facilities, transport tru....

  • Still in the countdown on industry jobs - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Downsizing in Canada's petroleum industry seems destined to continue, with one observer predicting that another 24,400 oil and gas jobs will be eliminated this year, due to reduced capital spending, consolidation and bankruptcies. That forecast by PetroLMI, a unit of Calgary-based Enform, would add....

  • AAEE scholarship prize winner presents - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) The Anchorage Association for Energy Economics' 2016 scholarship prize winner, Molly Watt of the University of Alaska Anchorage, will present her scholarship research on high occupancy vehicle car pool lanes at the BP Energy Center at noon May 5. AAEE said the presentation will focus on the impact....

  • Withstanding the forces of Arctic sea ice - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) A recently completed research project, conducted by the University of Alaska in partnership with the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, has found that existing engineering standards for the construction of Arctic offshore structures will ensure that the....

  • Linc restructuring global operations - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) Three top Linc Energy Ltd. officials have resigned as part of a restructuring. Chief Executive Officer Craig Ricato, Chief Operating Officer Michael Mapp and Chief Financial Officer Chris Munday resigned effective April 22, according to the company. On April 15, the Australian independent entered “v....

  • ORPC gets award for in-river power system - 05/01/2016 (Login to read Full story) The National Hydropower Association has awarded the operational excellence category of its 2016 Outstanding Stewards of America's Waters award to Ocean Renewable Power Co. for ORPC's RivGen commercialization project, the company announced April 25. ORPC is conducting a multi-year program to commerci....

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  • Kulluk appears intact and stable 01/03/2013
  • Kulluk is back under tow 12/31/2012
  • Shell vessel towing the Kulluk loses power south of Kodiak 12/28/2012
  • Court rejects appeal against Shell air permits 12/26/2012
  • Furie permitting Kitchen Lights development 12/05/2012
  • Conoco applies for Bear Tooth permit 12/03/2012

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