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  • Change is needed - 07/05/2015 (Full story) The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has completed an investigation into the way in which the Alaska Railbelt electricity transmission grid is operated and has concluded that the grid needs to transition to management by a single, independent transmission company. Currently, most of the grid is owned....

  • See-you-later message - 07/05/2015 (Full story) The biggest and best hopes of full-scale oil and gas exploration in the Canadian North have received a sharp reversal, with an Imperial Oil-led partnership joining a separate venture by Chevron Canada on the shelf for an indefinite period. In a filing with Canada's National Energy Board, Imperial an....

  • Investments mitigate declines - 07/05/2015 (Full story) The Kuparuk River unit is central to ConocoPhillips' recent promises to increase spending in Alaska in the wake of a major revision to the state oil production tax code. Over the past 18 months, the largest producer in Alaska has sanctioned work on many of its North Slope properties — including cons....

  • US Fish & Wildlife issues Shell authorization; fleet moving north - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a letter of authorization, allowing the minor, unintended disturbance of walrus and polar bears during Shell's planned exploration drilling in the Chukchi Sea this year. Shell has been moving its drilling fleet north in preparation for its drilling progr....

  • Piecing together a project; BC Assembly recalled for LNG project - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) The British Columbia government is taking the rare step of calling a mid-summer legislative session to pass a key bill that will set the stage for final agreement with the Petronas-led Pacific NorthWest LNG project. At the same time, Petronas, with a 62 percent stake, and its partners (China's Sinop....

  • Alaska LNG can succeed in world market - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) With a low in-state gas demand, an abundance of natural gas and a location close to potential markets, liquefied natural gas from Alaska can compete in the international LNG trade, Doug Rotenberg, chief commercial advisor with BP, Integrated Supply and Trading, told the audience at an Alaska energy....

  • First tax increase for Alaska in 10 years - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Alaska is facing the first tax increase in a decade after Gov. Bill Walker signed the measure into law June 27. The law places new taxes on wholesale refined fuel, including gasoline and heating oil but not aviation fuel or fuel used by the Alaska Marine Highway, the Juneau Empire reported. The new....

  • Costello: New LNG ideas welcome, need vetting - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) When she served in the House, Mia Costello's first committee choice was Resources. She served on the Finance Committee instead, hardly a default position. But now that Costello is in the Senate, she got her wish. She's vice chair of Senate Resources and the chair of the Labor and Commerce Committee....

  • Wasting no time - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) The new Alberta government has apparently decided to spend some of its political capital by moving quickly, boldly and ambitiously to impose revised climate-change regulations and increased penalties on the petroleum industry, its mainstay source of revenue. It has also set in motion its promise to....

  • RDC gets DC update from Alaska's senators - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) There are challenges, but so much opportunity the people of Alaska should not be discouraged, Lisa Murkowski, the state's senior U.S. senator, told the annual meeting of the Resource Development Council in Anchorage June 30. Murkowski, a Republican, chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Co....

  • State joints suit challenging WOTUS - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Gov. Bill Walker said June 29 that the state will join North Dakota and 10 other states in a challenge to the recently finalized “waters of the United States” rule. WOTUS, adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, attempts to define what waters are covered....

  • BSEE, Coast Guard discuss Arctic strategy - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Officials from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard have met in Juneau to discuss Arctic oil spill preparedness and the coordination of oil spill incident management strategies, BSEE said June 24. BSEE Alaska Region Director Mark Fesmire and Rear Adm. Dan Abel,....

  • Cenovus lands deal - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Oil sands major Cenovus Energy has partly cushioned the impact of the decline in crude prices and the unknowns that lie ahead by selling 4.8 million gross acres of royalty land in the three Canadian Prairie provinces for C$3.3 billion in cash. The buyer, assuming regulatory approvals, is the Ontario....

  • Committee to advise on offshore studies - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the National Academies have agreed to form a standing committee that will provide advice and expertise on environmental studies conducted in conjunction with offshore energy and mineral resources. BOEM conducts a program of environmental research, to inform....

  • Pipeline blockage - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Canada's National Energy Board said “public dialogue” — an understated description of occasionally boisterous and unruly protests at regulatory hearings — will cause further delays in opening up a pipeline route for 300,000 barrels per day of Bakken and Western Canadian crude to Quebec's two refiner....

  • RCA allows Polar to relinquish certificate - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has approved Polar LNG's request to relinquish its certificate for a proposed North Slope pipeline for transporting gas to a planned LNG plant on the Slope. Polar, an affiliate company of gas utility Fairbanks Natural Gas, had hoped to build the LNG plant as a mea....

  • Layoffs at TransCanada - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) TransCanada has become the first Canadian energy transportation company to take a bite out of its payroll by laying off 185 workers as part of a “shake-up” in its major projects division. With no end in sight to delays in its Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta and North Dakota to the U.S. Gulf Coast....

  • Oil Patch Bits: Lynden Oilfield Services to serve North Slope customers - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Lynden companies have provided support to Alaska oil and gas customers for decades. A new Lynden business, Lynden Oilfield Services, was created specifically to serve customers on the North Slope of Alaska's Prudhoe Bay oil fields. A division of Alaska West Express, Lynden Oilfield Services provides....

  • Oil Patch Bits: AECOM welcomes contracts administrator Suz Kyzer - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Suz Kyzer has joined AECOM's Anchorage office after transferring from the firm's Seattle operation. Kyzer has 24 years of experience performing contract administration on a variety of contracts for many federal and state agencies, including the Washington state Department of Transportation, U.S. Na....

  • Oil Patch Bits: New Alaska Native powerhouse assembled in Arctic - 07/05/2015 (Login to read Full story) Representatives of Arctic Slope Regional Corp., NANA Regional Corp. and Bering Straits Native Corp. announced the establishment of the Ińuit Arctic Business Alliance. IABA's mission is to provide a unified voice, collective vision, guidelines and venue for doing business in the Arctic. IABA's goals....

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  • Kulluk appears intact and stable 01/03/2013
  • Kulluk is back under tow 12/31/2012
  • Shell vessel towing the Kulluk loses power south of Kodiak 12/28/2012
  • Court rejects appeal against Shell air permits 12/26/2012
  • Furie permitting Kitchen Lights development 12/05/2012
  • Conoco applies for Bear Tooth permit 12/03/2012

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