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  • Approved to start - 07/26/2015 (Full story) On July 22 the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement issued permits allowing Shell to drill the top hole sections of two wells in the Burger prospect in the Chukchi Sea. Shell now has all of the permits that it needs to start drilling. However, BSEE is prohibiting Shell from drillin....

  • Laterals extend Nikaitchuq - 07/26/2015 (Full story) Eni US Operating Co. Inc. might complete its initial development program at the Nikaitchuq unit by the end of next year, according to a recent plan of development. The American subsidiary of the Italian major had previously projected that the work would be completed by the end of this year, but a pr....

  • Now or never - 07/26/2015 (Full story) Liquefied natural gas exports are the only hope of arresting a steady decline of Canadian gas production over the next decade, putting the pressure on governments and regulators to hasten project approvals, said the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. LNG proponents “require timely ... deci....

  • Accumulate/Burgundy plan 2015 well at Franklin Bluffs - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) An independent which recently began acquiring acreage on Alaska's North Slope south of Great Bear's acreage position along the Dalton Highway plans to drill a core hole before the end of the year. Burgundy Xploration and joint venture partner Accumulate Energy Alaska are planning to drill a single....

  • Judge tosses part of Furie's bid to beat $15 million federal fine - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Furie Operating Alaska LLC recently suffered a legal setback in its quest to fend off a pending $15 million federal fine. The fine stems from an alleged violation of the Jones Act. The act is a shipping law that generally requires the use of American, rather than foreign, ships for transporting “mer....

  • Gardner anxiously awaits Obama visit - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Sen. Berta Gardner entered the state Legislature in 2005, just in time for what seems like endless debates and discussions on advancing a natural gas pipeline project and continuous rewrite of the state's oil tax policy. Today, the gas line project is known as AKLNG and could be the focus of a speci....

  • AOGCC schedules multiple hearings - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has a number of hearings on its schedule: an Aug. 4 hearing at the request of Cook Inlet Energy on a May 1 enforcement action by the commission; an Aug. 27 hearing on the use of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery at Prudhoe Bay; a Sept. 1 hearing on Point Th....

  • Michael Brooks heads Corps in Alaska - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Col. Michael Brooks took over as head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Alaska District July 16, succeeding Col. Christopher Lestochi who now serves at the deputy commander for the Corps' Pacific Ocean Division. Brooks, a native of Alabama, became the 27th commander of the district. He is the for....

  • Juggling defense and offense - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) A jittery mood has spread through Calgary, the home base of Canada's oil patch, with industry leaders not sure how strongly to voice their feelings about the Alberta government's upcoming review of royalties. Some are replaying the fiasco that accompanied the province's last attempt at hiking royal....

  • DGGS reports on Susitna basin study - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Alaska's Division of Geological and Geophysical Services has published some initial results from fieldwork that the agency conducted in the Susitna basin in 2014. The basin, which lies under a huge area of lowland lakes and muskeg in the Susitna Valley, to the north of Anchorage, is considered prosp....

  • Breaking an impasse - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Canada's 13 provincial and territorial leaders overcame a perennial struggle and a sharp-tongued spat between Alberta and Saskatchewan on July 17 when they signed off on the framework for a Canadian Energy Strategy, only to find themselves blindsided by one of the largest oil pipeline ruptures on re....

  • A project with a mission for the state - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) The Interior Energy Project, an Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority initiative to bring affordable, clean energy to Fairbanks, is a typical AIDEA project in that the agency seeks to invest state dollars in the program, with an expectation of making an eventual financial return for the....

  • Second SAE Cook Inlet seismic approved - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) SAExploration Inc. has received approval for a second geophysical exploration program in Cook Inlet. In March the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas approved an 821-square mile 3-D seismic survey in upper Cook Inlet, in state waters west of the northern Kenai Peninsula. ....

  • District court tosses ANWR appeal - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Judge Sharon Gleason of the federal District Court in Alaska has rejected an appeal by the state of Alaska against the U.S. Department of the Interior's refusal to review a state plan to conduct a 3-D seismic program on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Following years of lo....

  • Election trumps Arctic trip - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has scrubbed what has become his almost-sacred annual pilgrimage to the Arctic since he was elected in 2006. Trailing in the polls only three months away from a national election on Oct. 19, he has apparently decided there are other more pressing priorities. Ha....

  • Rep. Herron chairs PNWER Arctic caucus - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Alaska Rep. Bob Herron, D-Bethel, was elected chair of the Arctic Caucus July 13at the 25th annual summit of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, held in Big Sky, Montana. The Arctic Caucus, a partnership of public and private sector members from Alaska, Yukon and the Northwest Territories, is a....

  • AOGCC goes with API metering rules - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission ruled July 16 that multiphase metering for well testing and production allocation purposes may be conducted under API standards, rather than under the guidelines the commission adopted in 2004. The commission said its guidelines provided guidance for h....

  • Small lease transactions in June - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Tramlaw LLC, Tekram LLC and Robert Warthen have each asked the state for permission to transfer separate 1 percent royalty interests in 11 Beaufort Sea leases to operator NordAq Energy Inc. The leases are ADL 392182 through ADL 392192. The leases are in a region of Smith Bay where NordAq explored th....

  • USGS confirms high Arctic coast erosion - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Arctic Alaska is shrinking, according to a new report published by the U.S. Geological Survey. The report documents coastal erosion along much of the coastlines of the Alaska Beaufort and Chukchi seas, with erosion rates as high as 18.6 meters per year in some small sections of the Beaufort Sea coas....

  • Oil Patch Bits: GCI - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) GCI is an Alaska-based company providing voice, video and data communication services to residential, commercial and government customers. Founded in 1979, GCI introduced long-distance competition to Alaska and has since grown to be one of the nation's premier integrated telecommunication providers.....

  • UAE to scrap subsidized price controls - 07/26/2015 (Login to read Full story) Drivers in the car-loving Emirati cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi can no longer count on below-market rates at the pump after the OPEC nation unveiled plans July 22 to scrap existing fuel price controls, starting next month. The surprise move announced by the Ministry of Energy comes as the oil-rich....

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  • Kulluk appears intact and stable 01/03/2013
  • Kulluk is back under tow 12/31/2012
  • Shell vessel towing the Kulluk loses power south of Kodiak 12/28/2012
  • Court rejects appeal against Shell air permits 12/26/2012
  • Furie permitting Kitchen Lights development 12/05/2012
  • Conoco applies for Bear Tooth permit 12/03/2012

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