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  • Starting on ANWR - 03/18/2018 (Full story) The U.S. Department of the Interior will soon move forward on the steps to schedule an oil and gas lease sale in the 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, David Bernhardt, deputy secretary of the department, told a joint meeting of Commonwealth North and the Alaska Support Industry Allia....

  • Schedule for AGDC - 03/18/2018 (Full story) The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. filed its application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the Alaska LNG project in April 2017 and has been asking FERC, the lead federal agency for the project's environmental impact statement, to publish a schedule for EIS completion. AGDC had hop....

  • Notley threatens embargo - 03/18/2018 (Full story) The kid gloves are coming off in the heavyweight pipeline showdown between Alberta and British Columbia, with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley resorting to bare knuckles. In opening a new session of the Alberta legislature, her government warned it might shut off shipments of gasoline (44,000 barrels p....

  • Balmy Arctic links to global weather - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) While not exactly sunbathing weather, the Arctic saw exceptional warmth in February, with temperatures 36 to 54 F above average over the North Pole, and 18 to 22 F above average over the Chukchi and Bering seas. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, a flow of warm air from the south re....

  • OPEC anticipates growing oil demand and likely price resilience - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, in its March report on the global oil market, commented that although the price of oil dropped by 5 percent in February, year-on-year the Brent crude price had increased by $11.77 per barrel, with West Texas Intermediate rising by $9.93 over the....

  • Drilling stable over 2016, 2017, AOGCC's data analysis shows - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The variety of oil and gas drilling activity in Alaska was illustrated March 5 when Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission commissioners Hollis French, the AOGCC chair, and Cathy Foerster, shared analysis of the agency's data on drilling activity with the House and Senate Resources committees. ....

  • 53rd POD approved for North Fork unit - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) Cook Inlet Energy's proposed 53rd plan of development for the North Fork unit on the southern Kenai Peninsula was approved by the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas on March 2. The division said North Fork has been in production since 2011 and produced 17.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas through Dec....

  • AOGCC sets conditions for BP well work - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has issued an order setting specifications for BP applications for permission to inject cement into the inner annuluses of three old Prudhoe Bay wells. The company wants to use this technique, which does not require a drilling rig, to plug some holes in....

  • Unocal still negotiating TAPS share sale - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has approved another extension by Unocal Pipeline Co. of an application to transfer its operating authority in the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. The current extension expired March 1. Unocal applied for an extension Feb. 28, an extension the commission approved Ma....

  • Fish & Wildlife sued over walrus listing - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The Center for Biological Diversity has sued the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in federal District Court in Alaska over the agency's decision last year not to list the Pacific walrus as endangered under the terms of the Endangered Species Act. The Pacific walrus is one of a number of animal species t....

  • BSEE implementing risk-based inspections - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has announced that it is implementing a new risk-based inspection program for oil and gas facilities on the U.S. outer continental shelf. The bureau is layering the new program, which initiates facility inspections on the basis of risk asses....

  • Lower Foothills open for tundra travel - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The Lower Foothills on the North Slope opened for tundra travel March 8, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Mining, Land and Water said in a statement issued that day. The Upper Foothills remains closed. The division said the Lower Foothills opening applies only to those operat....

  • Great Bear returns Badami WIO to ASRC - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) Activity reflected in the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas February lease report was focused at Badami on the eastern side of the North Slope and south of Nuiqsut on the west side. At Badami, the division approved assignment by Great Bear Petroleum Ventures III LLC of 4 percent working interest in 11....

  • Division requests new lease sale info - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) Annual areawide lease sales are planned for the Beaufort Sea and North Slope Foothills in the second half of 2018 and the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas, has a request out for “substantial new information that has become available over the past year concerning these areas.”....

  • The Nature Conservancy announces new Alaska director - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) The Nature Conservancy in Alaska said March 12 that it is pleased to introduce Steve Cohn, the experienced leader selected to guide the organization into the next era of conservation achievement in the 49th state. The Nature Conservancy's longstanding commitment to protecting important lands and wa....

  • South Korean firm joins effort to build plant - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) Gov. John Kasich said March 12 that a major South Korean industrial plant builder has joined an effort to build a multibillion-dollar petrochemical plant in eastern Ohio to take advantage of the region's oil-and-gas boom. Kasich, a Republican, called the partnership between Seoul-based Daelim Indus....

  • New Mexico marks record year for crude - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) Oil producers have set a record for the number of barrels pumped in New Mexico last year, and industry experts said March 12 that output from the basin that straddles the Texas-New Mexico border is expected to double over the next several years. Data from the U.S. Energy Information Association and....

  • Wyoming has major drilling permit backlog - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) State regulators face 10,000 applications for permits to drill for oil and gas in Wyoming, creating a backlog that would take five years to address. The Casper Star-Tribune reported March 13 that Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Supervisor Mark Watson said a new policy is being introduce....

  • Moody's increases its oil price expectation - 03/18/2018 (Login to read Full story) Moody's Investor Service has increased its medium term forecast for the price band for crude oil from a range of $40 to $60 per barrel to a range of $45 to $65. The company says that continuing compliance with oil production cuts led by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries coupled w....

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  • Interior releases final well control regulations 04/14/2016
  • RCA approves ML&P, Chugach Electric gas field purchase 04/22/2016
  • ExxonMobil starts Point Thomson production 04/22/2016
  • Court rejects appeal against Shell air permits 12/26/2012
  • Furie permitting Kitchen Lights development 12/05/2012
  • Conoco applies for Bear Tooth permit 12/03/2012

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