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  • A changing world - 02/25/2018 (Full story) The BP Energy Outlook for 2018, published on Feb. 20, predicts growing global energy demand as standards of living improve in the developing world, particularly in China and India, but with Africa also factoring into this trend later in the outlook period. Natural gas usage will grow steadily in res....

  • BC pipe case weakens - 02/25/2018 (Full story) As the Canadian pipeline war of 2018 moves toward a pivotal decision, which it is widely assumed will see the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordering work to proceed on Kinder Morgan's expansion of its Trans Mountain export system, the underpinning of the British Columbia govern....

  • FERC wants more info - 02/25/2018 (Full story) The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. said in January that it had completed answering 801 questions posed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on AGDC's application for a Natural Gas Act Section 3 permit for the Alaska LNG project. The application was submitted last April. AGDC noted in its J....

  • Western & central North Slope, Nanushuk excite investors at NAPE - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) Although bested by the excitement of ANWR possibly opening to oil and gas exploration, the rest of Alaska's North Slope also received some solid attention at the recent NAPE Summit in Houston. That shouldn't be a surprise because the western, not the eastern, North Slope holds the hottest ITALICS ST....

  • Hilcorp permitting Seaview pad on Kenai Peninsula south of Anchor Pt - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska has applied to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to amend its Cook Inlet oil discharge, prevention and contingency plan to add a new pad, Seaview, on the Kenai Peninsula near Anchor Point. Hilcorp said the pad location is some 1.25 miles east of Cook Inlet and some 1....

  • $10 million in supplemental for ANWR 1002 area seismic shoot - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) The administration has requested $10 million in the supplemental budget to allow the Alaska Department of Natural Resources to participate in acquiring seismic data in the 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in anticipation of federal lease sales in the area. In the request the admini....

  • FERC seeks public comments prior to preparing environmental impact statement for project near Moose Pass on the Kenai Peninsula - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is requesting comments on a revised design for a proposed hydroelectric project at Grant Lake on the Kenai Peninsula. FERC is going to prepare an environmental impact statement for the project and anticipates publishing a draft EIS in October and a final EIS....

  • EIA: US to be net energy exporter by 2022 - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) The U.S. is projected to become a net energy exporter by 2022, the Energy Information Administration said Feb. 6 in presenting the agency's “Annual Energy Outlook 2018,” which looks out to 2050. That estimate is a change from last year's outlook, officials said, which projected the country would be....

  • Lalicker takes over as CEO at Hilcorp - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) Greg Lalicker of Hilcorp Energy has taken over from founder Jeffrey Hildebrand as chief executive officer of the company, the Houston Chronicle is reporting. A statement from Justin Furnace, the company's corporate director of external affairs, provided some details. “It was announced internally i....

  • Simplifying the spill response planning - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) The federal and state governments are engaged in a project to reorganize and simplify the arrangements for maintaining government oil spill contingency plans for Alaska, officials told the Alaska Forum on the Environment on Feb. 15. The agencies are “trying to streamline the framework of government....

  • New ideas for dealing with oil spills - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) The world of oil spill response is an evolving phenomenon, with people continuing to think up ingenious new ways of finding and dealing with renegade hydrocarbons. On Feb. 12 attendees at the Alaska Forum on the Environment heard about three developments, each with the potential to improve response....

  • Kuparuk infrastructure upgrades approved - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas has approved applications by ConocoPhillips for a couple of upgrades to the surface infrastructure in the Kuparuk River field. The first of the upgrades involves the relocation of a methanol storage tank and a pump module from drill sites DS-3J and DS-1H to DS-1D. Th....

  • North Slope, Cook Inlet leases surrendered - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) Armstrong Energy, ConocoPhillips Alaska and Hilcorp Alaska each surrendered oil and gas leases to the state in late December and January. The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas leasing report shows that Armstrong Energy surrendered three adjacent leases in state waters offshore the National Petroleum R....

  • Arctic Slope Regional Corp. announces acquisition - 02/25/2018 (Login to read Full story) Arctic Slope Regional Corp. said Feb.16 that it is pleased to announce the acquisition of Mavo Systems by its wholly owned subsidiary ASRC Industrial Services LLC. Headquartered in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Mavo was founded in 1982. The company is recognized as a premier environmental and special....

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  • Interior releases final well control regulations 04/14/2016
  • RCA approves ML&P, Chugach Electric gas field purchase 04/22/2016
  • ExxonMobil starts Point Thomson production 04/22/2016
  • Court rejects appeal against Shell air permits 12/26/2012
  • Furie permitting Kitchen Lights development 12/05/2012
  • Conoco applies for Bear Tooth permit 12/03/2012

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