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  • Toward unification - 02/07/2016 (Full story) Toward unification Railbelt utilities report on forming transmission grid system operator By ALAN BAILEY Petroleum News At the end of January the Alaska Railbelt electric utilities reported to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska on the status of efforts to create a single operating entity for the Ra....

  • Alberta spares oil sands - 02/07/2016 (Full story) For decades as it groped around in Alberta's political wilderness, the New Democratic Party was free to lash out at the province's petroleum industry. And it did so with abandon, accusing companies of greed, blaming successive Conservative administrations for pandering to the industry and telling Al....

  • TAPS reaching a milestone - 02/07/2016 (Full story) Having started up the new electrically powered pumping system at pump station 1 of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline in October, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. is in the process of completing the electrification upgrade of the pump station, Alyeska engineering manager Rob Annett told Petroleum News Feb. 1....

  • Move over Clive Cussler. Make room for Craig Bieber - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) Note to readers: What follows is part book review, and part insight into striking it rich in Alaska's oil industry. A couple of months ago Alaska novelist Craig Bieber asked me to review his latest novel, “Moon over the Midnight Sun.” I wasn't planning a flight anytime soon, so I was reluctant to sa....

  • State gas team updates legislators on organization, decision making - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) An issue which bothered a number of legislators in last year's special session on buying out TransCanada's role in the Alaska LNG Project was how the state's gas team was organized, and who was running things. In Jan. 29 presentations to the House and Senate Resources committees members of the stat....

  • ANS crude output down marginally from December - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) Alaska North Slope crude oil production averaged 549,679 barrels per day in January, down 0.2 percent from a December average of 550,893 bpd, a drop of just 1,214 bpd. The only area reporting month-over-month increases was at BP Exploration (Alaska)-operated Prudhoe Bay, which averaged 316,925 bpd....

  • Stoltze: Treat Permanent Fund with care - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) Sen. Bill Stoltze is among a select few who voted no last November on SB 3001, Gov. Bill Walker's bill to sever ties with TransCanada. He also sat on the working group examining oil tax credits, preparing himself for what is certain to be a hearty discussion on what changes are reasonable. The Chugi....

  • LNG faces more rules - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) l NATURAL GAS LNG faces more rules BC industry faces new federal order for climate tests of pipeline, terminal applications; some First Nations demand protection zone By GARY PARK For Petroleum News The Canadian government has tossed another wrench into the approval procedures for its already shaky....

  • The headache of low oil flow in TAPS - 02/07/2016 (Full story) In addition to responding to declining oil production from Alaska's North Slope by installing new electrically powered pumping systems along the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co., the pipeline operator, has for several years been contending with some significant technical issue....

  • Court invalidates pipeline valuation rule - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) A rule that allowed governments and trans-Alaska Pipeline System owners to appeal taxes and avoid a public process has been invalidated by the Supreme Court. The Jan. 29 ruling says the volunteer State Assessment Review Board is the sole entity with authority to decide taxable parts of the oil and....

  • Rewriting pipeline rules - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) The Canadian government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made a tentative move that observers believe will either remove confusion over the approval process for energy infrastructure projects, or consign those plans to the scrap heap. But the administration says it will need more time to draft a....

  • Schantz named to head PWSRCAC - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) Donna Schantz has been named executive director of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council. Schantz, who has been director of programs for the RCAC, replaces Mark Swanson who retired in November. She has been acting executive director since Swanson's retirement. “The council is....

  • NWT in the dumps - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) The one constant in Canada's North has always been an upbeat mood in the face of adversity. But even that bulwark is crumbling in the oil and gas sector of the Northwest Territories. In the bleakest and bluntest of terms NWT Premier Bob McLeod told Petroleum News that “nothing will happen in the ind....

  • Court approves Miller bankruptcy plan - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Alaska approved Chapter 11 reorganization for Miller Energy Resources and its subsidiaries in a Jan. 28 order confirming a joint plan of reorganization. Miller Energy and affiliated debtor entities filed for Chapter 11 relief Oct. 1. The company's subsi....

  • Southcentral exploration licenses possible - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) The state is looking at potential areas for exploration licensing in Southcentral Alaska. The director of the Department of Natural Resources' Division of Oil and Gas has issued a preliminary written determination that an area of Southcentral Alaska outside the Cook Inlet areawide lease sale is avai....

  • Planning for oil spill food safety - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) With no formal policy guidance in Alaska's unified oil spill response plan for how to deal with food safety and security following an offshore oil spill, a working group from several federal and state agencies has been evaluating what needs to go into a food safety plan for the state, the Alaska Reg....

  • Murphy Oil shuffles Canadian assets - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) Arkansas-based Murphy Oil engaged in a Canadian two-step at the end of January, unloading two gas plants in British Columbia, while buying stakes in Alberta oil and gas assets. It sold the two Tupper plants in northeastern British Columbia, which are capable of processing 320 million cubic feet per....

  • AEDC projects 1,600 job loss in Anchorage - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) A 2016 economic forecast prepared for the Anchorage Economic Development Corp. projects a loss of 1,600 jobs in Alaska's largest city, including 600 in the oil and gas sector. The city of just under 300,000 could see a net 1 percent jobs decline, according to the report's forecast. Cost-cutting by....

  • No quitting Keystone - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) TransCanada is plunging on in its efforts to ship more Canadian crude to the U.S. Gulf Coast despite the rejection of Keystone XL. Paul Miller, president of the company's liquids pipelines, said more capacity is due on stream by mid-year through TransCanada's US$600 million Houston Lateral pipeline....

  • Oil Patch Bits: Polyguard acquires domain - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) Polyguard Products Inc. announced that it has acquired the domain to merge with the domain which it has owned since 1998. “We have worked to acquire that domain name from another company which operates in a different industry altogether for over 10 years....

  • Oil Patch Bits: Two lucky winners to wave the flag at Iron Dog race - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) Crowley fuels adventure, and as the official fuel distributor of the 2016 Iron Dog race, the company is giving residents in the Matanuska and Susitna valleys the opportunity to win a chance to wave the starting flag for the race and residents in Fairbanks the opportunity to win a chance to wave the....

  • BP reports $5.2 billion loss, more job cuts - 02/07/2016 (Login to read Full story) BP has announced that it incurred a $5.2-billion loss in 2015 and that it is cutting 7,000 jobs worldwide in response to the plunge in the price of oil. The job loss announcement, which came in conjunction the company's report on its 2015 results, included the job reduction of 4,000 that the company....

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  • Kulluk appears intact and stable 01/03/2013
  • Kulluk is back under tow 12/31/2012
  • Shell vessel towing the Kulluk loses power south of Kodiak 12/28/2012
  • Court rejects appeal against Shell air permits 12/26/2012
  • Furie permitting Kitchen Lights development 12/05/2012
  • Conoco applies for Bear Tooth permit 12/03/2012

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