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  • Oil price lift off - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) Jet fuel demand may climb higher as U.S. passenger numbers lifted above the 1 million mark for a single day, according to Transportation Security Administration passenger screening numbers. The agency cleared 1,031,505 passengers for takeoff Oct. 18. The TSA said 6.1 million people passed U.S. airpo....

  • Pikka on track for 2025 - 10/25/2020 (Full story) Oil Search's summer campaign on Alaska's North Slope has ended with all work planned for the first phase of the three-phase Pikka development completed, providing year-round access to the project, the company said Oct. 20 in its third quarter report. The summer program involved finishing the follow....

  • Some bonding reductions - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is proposing changes to its bonding regulations which would amend the permitted wellheads bond amount table and allow a reduction in the requisite bond amount if an operator has a bond in place with the landowner dedicated exclusively to plugging and ab....

  • Oil patch insider: More competition for O&G capital for Alaska from L 48 shale plays - 10/25/2020 (Full story) Alaska's largest oil producer ConocoPhillips' planned acquisition of Concho Resources in a $9.7 billion all-stock deal gives the big independent more investment opportunities in Lower 48 and Canada unconventional plays, a region that already competes with the North Slope for capital. Not to suggest....

  • Sidebar: Moody´s gives deal thumbs up - 10/25/2020 (Full story) Moody's Investor Service said Oct. 19 that ConocoPhillips' acquisition of Concho Resources is “credit positive (COP A3 stable.)” “Concho's large-scale Permian operations will significantly enhance COP's scale, diversification, and portfolio durability while simultaneously improving capital flexibili....

  • AOGCC denies reconsideration; ACC challenging constitutionality - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation has denied a request for reconsideration of its new bonding requirements by Alaskan Crude Corp. ACC is challenging the constitutionality of the increase in bonding amounts as well as what it argues are regulations exceeding AOGCC's statutory authority. In an Oct....

  • Alberta poised to test market with auctions, higher minimum bids - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) Through the 1990s and the first decade of this century, the Alberta government feasted on the sale of oil and natural gas exploration rights at its twice-monthly auctions, times when raking in anything less than C$2 billion a year was a source of worry. Those days are long gone and never likely to r....

  • Alberta looks to diversify energy industry with geothermal, hydrogen - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) The Alberta government has set its sights on the New Energy Age by promising geothermal regulations this fall and targeting global hydrogen exports by 2040 to resuscitate its natural gas industry. Geothermal technology — which is well advanced in the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turke....

  • Leading the way for microgrid systems - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) While the Alaska Railbelt has ready access to natural gas for power generation, rural communities in the state have long had to rely on the use of expensive and erratically priced diesel fuel to meet their electricity production needs. For a number of years the rural communities have been implementi....

  • US rotary rig count jumps up by 13 to 282 - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) The Baker Hughes U.S. rotary rig count was at 282 for the week ending Oct. 16, up by 13 from 269 the previous week — the largest increase the count has seen since it turned around in mid-August from a low for the year. The count is still down substantially from a year ago, by 569 from 851. When the....

  • New move to shut down Dakota Access line - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) Native American tribes opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline once again have asked a federal judge to stop the flow of oil while the legal battle over the line's future plays out. The Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes succeeded on their first attempt, only to have an appeals court overturn U.S.....

  • The Producers magazine preview: Eni operates neighboring ANS units - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) The fates of the Nikaitchuq and Oooguruk units have long been intertwined. Both prospects were discovered during related exploration efforts at the turn of the 21st century. In the years since, operators of both units have faced similar challenges, arising from the complications of working on nears....

  • Hilcorp drilling storage well in Kenai unit - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) On Oct. 16, Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas approved an amendment Hilcorp Alaska applied for Sept. 15 to the Kenai unit's plan of operations. The project involves drilling a new Sterling pool 6 gas storage well from the existing KU 34-31 gravel pad and building associated infrastructure, including....

  • Oil patch bits: Jeff Raun joins EXP to strengthen Alaska presence - 10/25/2020 (Login to read Full story) EXP, a global leader in engineering, architecture, design and consulting, said Oct. 16 that it is excited to welcome Jeff Raun as senior environmental project manager, based in EXP's Anchorage office. Raun has more than 15 years of experience serving in environmental and regulatory roles. Most recen....

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  • Court confirms Furie's plan for Ch. 11 sale to Hex 06/12/2020
  • Restructured, renamed Hex nears closing date on Furie assets 06/04/2020
  • RCA approves Chugach Electric purchase of ML&P 05/29/2020
  • Hilcorp gets approval for Whiskey Gulch strat test plan 05/22/2020
  • Alaska Gasline Development receives FERC approval 05/21/2020

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