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  • Time for Pikka - 08/21/2022 (Full story) On Aug. 16, Santos Ltd. and its joint venture partner Repsol took a final investment decision to proceed with the US$2.6 billion Phase 1 of their Pikka development project on Alaska's North Slope. First oil is expected in 2026 with a daily gross of 80,000 barrels a day. Santos, an oil and gas produc....

  • ANS fetches premium - 08/21/2022 (Full story) Oil prices edged higher Aug. 17 as plummeting U.S. reserves offset China demand worries that had carried prices lower in the preceding three sessions. ANS rose 98 cents on the day to close at $99.72, as West Texas Intermediate jumped $1.58 to close at $88.11 and Brent rose $1.31 to close at $93.65. ....

  • Congress mandates sales - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) The 700-plus page Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law by President Joe Biden on Aug. 16, focuses on big ticket items — reduction of health care costs, growth of renewable energy and increased corporate taxes — but also includes a few pages addressing federal oil and gas lease sales. It reinsta....

  • Oil patch insider: 88 Energy's latest; Benjy Johnson AOGA panelist, Barnes wins award - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) 88 Energy has raised approximately A$15 million for its planned Alaska North Slope “Icewine East well long lead, pre-planning and permitting activities, including planning for a flow test program, contingencies, new ventures portfolio expansion opportunities, and working capital.” The latest “forwar....

  • Repsol sanctions Pikka; touts low emissions, capital flexibility - 08/21/2022 (Full story) On Aug. 16 Repsol said its board of directors has approved the final investment decision for Phase 1 of the Pikka development on Alaska's North Slope, advancing one of the company's “key upstream projects.” (See related Pikka story about Santos in this issue.) Repsol said Phase 1's gross investment....

  • Pantheon reaches MD at Alkaid #2; long term production test planned - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) Pantheon Resources said Aug. 18 that it has reached a total measured depth of 14,300 feet at its Alkaid No. 2 well on the North Slope, including a lateral length of 5,300 feet, with a 5-1/2 inch liner run, set, cemented and tested for integrity. Drilling began in early July at Alkaid 2, which is pl....

  • AOGCC OKs Pearl wells spacing exceptions - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) In an Aug. 10 order, the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has approved Hilcorp Alaska's application for spacing exceptions for the Pearl 8 and Pearl 9 exploration wells at Ninilchik. The commission said the wells will be drilled, completed, tested and produced in the Pearl Undefined Gas P....

  • 20 Years Ago This Month: Coming on strong - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) The wells at Northstar are coming on at high rates of production, which is just what BP expected, says Fritz Gunkel, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.'s Northstar delivery manager. “We've had wells come on at 24,000 barrels a day,” he said, and Northstar has had wells among BP's top 10 producers worldwi....

  • Sidebar 1: Drilling a team sport, says Fritz Gunkel - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) Nabors Alaska Drilling is drilling the Northstar wells for BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., and Fritz Gunkel, BP's Northstar delivery manager, told PNA “a drilling operation is just like a baseball team. “I mean let's put BP as the pitcher: if you don't have a catcher, first base, second base, third b....

  • Sidebar 2: Four modes of transportation at Northstar - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) people and drilling supplies out to the island is a challenge. “At Northstar we go through four major modes of transportation each year,” BP's Fritz Gunkel told PNA. BP is just getting ready to go into crew boat and barge operation, which will run from the end of July to October. The boats and barg....

  • ConocoPhillips, Oil Search give up leases - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas said recently that ConocoPhillips Alaska has surrendered five state oil and gas leases and Oil Search (Alaska) and Repsol E&P USA have surrendered 14 leases. The division said in a July 29 surrender of lease that ConocoPhillips Alaska surrendered two leases, ADL 3....

  • State approves Hilcorp Milne F Pad work - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Department of Natural Resources; Division of Oil and Gas has approved an application from Hilcorp Alaska for a Milne Point unit plan of operations amendment. The Aug. 10 approval is for installation of a separator vessel, modules, tanks and header connections to provide water separation c....

  • State approves expansion of Paxton Pad - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas has approved a request from Hilcorp Alaska to expand the existing Paxton Pad in the company's Ninilchik unit on the Kenai Peninsula. And the division and Hilcorp have responded to concerns from property owners in the vicinity of the pad. In an Aug. 16 decision th....

  • US rotary drilling rig count down 1 at 763 - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) The Baker Hughes' U.S. rotary drilling rig count was 763 on Aug. 12, down by one from the previous week and up by 262 from 501 a year ago. When the count dropped to 244 in mid-August 2020 it was the lowest the domestic rotary rig count has been since the Houston based oilfield services company bega....

  • AOGCC confirms $200,000 bond for Amaroq - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) On July 25, following decisions by the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and appeals by Amaroq Resources, the Alaska Superior Court reversed an AOGCC decision on the bonding required for wells at Nicolai Creek (see story in July 31, 2022, issue of Petroleum News). In an Aug. 15 order, the....

  • CEA wants to increase Beluga gas price - 08/21/2022 (Login to read Full story) Anchorage-based Chugach Electric Association has filed a request with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska for approval of an increase in the price of the fuel gas that the utility obtains from the Beluga gas field. Chugach Electric wants to increase the price of the gas from $3.64 to $4.50 per Mcf.....

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  • Eni allows Nikaitchuq North leases to terminate 07/07/2022
  • Oil Search (Alaska)'s Quokka unit approved 06/28/2022
  • State receives 2 bids in Cook Inlet O&G lease sale 05/25/2022
  • ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Chevron interested in Pikka? 05/23/2022
  • Fiord West produces first oil, 10,000 bpd 05/20/2022

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