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  • ANS hovers higher - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Alaska North Slope crude added 86 cents to close at $80.92 per barrel June 5 -- the single up day in a five-day trading week which saw ANS plummet $5.44 from its close of $86.36 the previous Wednesday, May 29. West Texas Intermediate rose 82 cents June 5 to close at $74.07, and Brent rose 89 cents....

  • Hilcorp growing Milne - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska has been growing production from the Milne Point unit on the North Slope since it acquired a half interest in the unit and took over as operator in 2014, increasing production from just over 7 million barrels of oil in calendar year 2014 to 14.8 million barrels in calendar year 2023,....

  • Big play hunt off Aruba - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) On May 31, Compania Arubano di Petroleo (CAP), Aruba's national oil company, announced the signing of a Product Sharing Contract with Andicuri Oil & Gas Exploration VBA (AOGX), a subsidiary of Armstrong International LLC, for the exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons offshore Aruba....

  • Oil patch insider: Expanding resource, 88's Tiri-1, RDC event, Bird latest Pathfinder - 06/09/2024 (Full story) Robert Bradley from the Institute for Energy Research, or IER, wrote a great piece May 31, titled Fossil Fuels: An Expanding Resource. Here's the beginning: "Depletable resources deplete -- which would seem to mean less and less for the future with ongoing production. But the actual statistics of oi....

  • Hilcorp buys Spartan 151, keeping jack-up in Cook Inlet, available - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska has acquired the Spartan 151 jack-up rig. The company said in a June 3 email that the sale closed May 31, and it now owns the rig through a wholly owned subsidiary. 'We are proud to make this investment and ensure the only jack-up rig in Alaska remains drilling in the Cook Inlet,' s....

  • AGDC-Pantheon reach natural gas sales precedent agreement - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Alaska Gasline Development Corp. and Pantheon Resources plc said June 4 that they have reached a gas sales precedent agreement. This follows a March 28 statement from Pantheon on its discussions with AGDC to provide natural gas to an AGDC gas pipeline with initial delivery in 2029 and full delivery....

  • Hilcorp applies for new disposal well - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska has applied to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to convert a former Ninilchik unit production well, Susan Dionne 8, to a Class II underground injection control, UIC, well, servicing the Ninilchik and Deep Creek units, the Red Pad at Nikolaevsk as well as developments to....

  • Baker Hughes US rig count unchanged at 600 - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) The Baker Hughes' U.S. rotary drilling rig count was 600 the week ending May 31, unchanged from 600 the previous week, and down by 96 from 696 a year ago, following a drop of four rigs last week. Over the last eight weeks the rig count was unchanged one week, down in five and up in two, with a loss....

  • Separate pool rules for Kuparuk River - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has issued separate pool rules for the Kuparuk River oil pool within the Kuparuk River unit, separating those rules from the Kuparuk River oil pool within the Milne Point unit. In a May 29 order the commission said that on its own motion, it decided to....

  • Remote area has no real O&G potential - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) The U.S. Geological Survey said May 29 that it estimates there are 1.8 billion barrels of oil and natural gas liquids and 119.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in undiscovered, technically recoverable conventional accumulations in Cretaceous and Cenozoic strata of the North Chukchi Basin, which c....

  • Oil patch bits: Partnership helps veterans transition to civilian life - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Matson said May 28 that it has partnered with the U.S. Army to ease the transition from military life to civilian life. Matson signed a memorandum of agreement to participate in the Partnership for Your Success program. PaYS is a strategic collaboration between the army and a cross-section of privat....

  • The Explorers 2024: Welcome to The Explorers 2024 - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Kudos to the explorers featured in this year's issue of The Explorers magazine: 88 Energy, Armstrong's Lagniappe, ASRC Energy, 88 Energy, ConocoPhillips, Great Bear Pantheon, Hilcorp, Jade Energy and Savant Glacier. In 2013, Armstrong Oil & Gas Inc. and its partner Repsol kicked off the prolific Bro....

  • The Explorers 2024: Explorers keep pursuing exploration licenses - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Alaska has many small prospects that would be instantly sanctioned almost anywhere else in the country but are not large enough to overcome the logistical challenges inherent to the far north: getting supplies to the site and moving production back to market. While some of those burdens have been gr....

  • The Explorers 2024: 88 Energy announces light oil at Hickory well - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) In an announcement on April 2, 2024, as The Explorers was going to print, 88 Energy Ltd. announced that flow testing of the Upper SFS reservoir had confirmed a light oil discovery at the Hickory No. 1 well "in line with expectations." Production during the flow test peaked above 70 barrels per day o....

  • The Explorers 2024: Bill Armstrong brings in Apache - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Since the last annual issue of The Explorers magazine was released in June 2023, Bill Armstrong has brought APA Corp., holding company for Apache Corp., into the 275,000-acre block of 148 leases that he put together south and southwest of the Badami unit on the eastern North Slope; acreage he operat....

  • The Explorers 2024: A global first at the top of the globe - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) As this issue of The Explorers was going to print, ASRC Energy Services was about six months into long-term test of a North Slope methane hydrates well ' a global first. The subsidiary of the Alaska Native corporation for the North Slope began the test in late October 2023 on state lease ADL 47450....

  • The Explorers 2024: ConocoPhillips turning to Titan this year - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Even though the slowest days of the pandemic appear to be past, ConocoPhillips has yet to fully regain the enthusiasm for exploration it consistently demonstrated before 2020. Since the late 1990s, the global upstream company has been the standard bearer of North Slope exploration, steadily advanci....

  • The Explorers 2024: Glacier returns to exploration this year with Badami well - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) After a full year under new ownership, Glacier Oil & Gas is planning its next exploration campaign, focusing on the Badami unit in the eastern North Slope. Through its subsidiary Cook Inlet Energy LLC, the small independent permitted two wells at the unit -- the Badami B1-33 well and an associated p....

  • The Explorers 2024: Great Bear Pantheon exploring for now and for later - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Great Bear Pantheon was the busiest explorer in Alaska last season, drilling four of the seven exploration wells completed on the North Slope during the 2022-2023 season: Alkaid No. 2 and an associated pilot hole, a pilot hole at its Talitha prospect,....

  • The Explorers 2024: Whiskey and Cotton for Hilcorp this winter - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) Throughout its 13-year tenure in Alaska, Hilcorp Alaska LLC has devoted most of its exploration energies toward expanding existing natural gas and oil production in the Kenai Peninsula and more recently existing oil production on the North Slope. The Texas-based independent came to Alaska to revital....

  • The Explorers 2024: Jade's Sourdough project on hold - 06/09/2024 (Login to read Full story) In its sixth and latest annual plan of development, or POD, Jade Energy LLC proposes to move the Sourdough development project forward with the goal of delivering oil to the Skid 50 meter as soon as the second quarter of 2025, with an overall objective of the project to come fully online to produce....

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  • Shell surrenders W. Harrison Bay leases 05/15/2024
  • Armstrong exploration drilling campaign extends prolific Brookian topset fairway 65 miles to east 04/23/2024
  • Hilcorp applies to expand Milne Point unit 03/08/2024
  • Jade files request for reconsideration with ADNR commissioner 03/04/20242

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